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“Modern man associates himself with the ancient world, not…to reflect, like a mirror, but to capture its spirit and apply it in a modern way.”

Andrea Palladio- architect

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About Dee

Dee Kelly is a Traditional Feng Shui Master, born in the United States and trained in the Traditional Chinese manner. She was chosen by one of the finest Feng Shui Masters of our time. This level of rigorous and traditional Chinese apprenticeship is unprecedented in modern times and makes Dee is one of the top trained Traditional Feng Shui consultants in the world.

Dee spent over a decade traveling around the world to learn many systems and advanced techniques from her Master. This imparting of the “true knowledge” is only handed down directly from Master to student with a history going back centuries.

Feng Shui Services

We offer on-site evaluation and consultation for homes, offices, hospitals, stores, real estate purchases, and consultation on the timing of special events…

Feng Shui for the Home

​Your home environment has the most impact on your health and well-being. Traditional Feng Shui can help optimize your health and wealth potential.

Feng Shui for Small to Medium Businesses
Energy is crucial for business! Feng Shui is the science of energetics. Optimizing it maximizes ROI and employee wellness. This is what we do!
Feng Shui for Offices, Corporations and Businesses

Every business has an Energetic Heart. Using the principles of Feng Shui, we optimize the layout and design to maximize your competitiveness and ROI.

Feng Shui for Retail Outlets
Every business has an Energetic Heart. Using the principles of Feng Shui, we optimize the layout and design to maximize your competitiveness and ROI.
Feng Shui for Land Development

Using Feng Shui in site planning and land development helps optimize the success and ROI of any real estate investment, for projects large and small.

Feng Shui in Real Estate Purchases
We support real estate purchasers by using Feng Shui’s principles to make the BEST choices for your new residence or enterprise!
Feng Shui in the Hospitality Industry
Feng Shui influences choices in site planning, architecture, landscaping, and other factors. Let Feng Shui optimize your project for success!
Feng Shui in the Health Care Industry
Using Feng Shui in development and renovation of Health Care facilities optimizes patient experience, efficiency, and ROI.
Use Feng Shui to Select a Date
Feng Shui’s “Strategic Date Selection” helps pick the right date for an auspicious event or occasion! Feng Shui’s numeric principles have proven benefit.

Real Traditional Feng Shui versus New Age Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui LoPan Image
New Age Feng Shui, or Western Feng Shui is quite different from the Traditional Feng Shui that those of us who fortunate enough to study and train with a Feng Shui Master-and eventually are given permission, by that Master, to practice; is a diluted version of a system called 8 House. Black Hat Feng Shui falls under the “New Age” category and is the type of Feng Shui you read most often in available books and on the internet.

There are parts of Black hat Feng Shui that cull from Traditional feng Shui. However, every home or building is evaluated relative to the “Front Door”. The buiding or house is then “corrected” relative to a static 9 cell (Tic-Tac-Toe) shaped map that delves into the “9 areas of your life”. Unfortunately, because this system is based so loosely on Direction as it’s source-the corrections recommended will only apply if every single house or building is Facing due North and the Back is South. Even then, there are still inaccuracies and incorrect Colors assigned to each “Life Box” they attribute to each part of the house.


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