Feng Shui for the Home

Feng Shui TempleFeng Shui for your Home or Residence

The environment we spend the most time in has the most impact on our health and our emotional well-being. For most of us that is our house due to the fact it is primarily where we come home to rest and sleep.

Our bodies take on the same energy frequency as the place we spend the most time in. Where we sleep has a major influence on how we feel and perform in our daily lives. If we want to live and work at our optimum…the energy of your house has to be living and working at its optimum too.

We always choose a home or apartment that teams up with our own body vibration wave. If we are having problems with our marriage or relationships- we will invariably choose a home that has similar issues. Why? Because we feel comfortable in that same energy. It does not mean it is the best energy for us nor,  is it wrong.  It is simply the energy that we have become most used to. It is the emotional and physical energy we know…and therefore, we feel comfortable in it. That is why sometimes, it is hard for us to change.

Residential Traditional Feng Shui is an incredibly powerful tool for Change for each of us as individuals and for our families. By understanding the problems the house may have we get a deeper insight into what is not working for us. once we have a deeper understanding we can develop a strategic Traditional Feng Shui Action Plan to fix those problems…together we can shed light on those issues and ultimately enjoy happier and healthier lives.

The most important thing to remember is that our homes are alive with energy…and they try to do their very best to support us and take care of us. That is why it is so crucial that we help our house-because in doing so…we are really helping ourselves.

Traditional Feng Shui is a concrete system by which I can evaluate and then remediate any problem the house may have. All of the 8 Directions and Locations pertain to a specific aspect of our physical and emotional health. Every corner relates to us.

My job is to help you to understand that. With your extensive Feng Shui Audit/Consultation and your detailed Audit Report you will experience a whole new understanding of your wonderful house and a new set of tools to make you and your house the very best you both can be!

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