I recently saw many posts on Pinterest regarding the Master Bedroom and Feng Shui. After perusing the articles I was amazed at how superficial and inaccurate so much of what I read actually was.

New Age Feng Shui, or Western Feng Shui is quite different from the Traditional Feng Shui that those of us who fortunate enough to study and train with a Feng Shui Master-and eventually are given permission, by that Master, to practice; is a diluted version of a system called 8 House. Black Hat Feng Shui falls under the “New Age” category and is the type of Feng Shui you read most often in available books and on the internet.

There are parts of Black hat Feng Shui that cull from Traditional feng Shui. However, every home or building is evaluated relative to the “Front Door”. The buiding or house is then “corrected” relative to a static 9 cell (Tic-Tac-Toe) shaped map that delves into the “9 areas of your life”. Unfortunately, because this system is based so loosely on Direction as it’s source-the corrections recommended will only apply if every single house or building is Facing due North and the Back is South. Even then, there are still inaccuracies and incorrect Colors assigned to each “Life Box” they attribute to each part of the house.

It is important to understand that the Compass we use today is a highly complex mathematical system, perfected by the ancient Chinese and developed with Traditional Feng Shui in mind. It was originally created to evaluate the surrounding land forms to find the best possible location for tombs and eventually to build structures optimizing that land form. The tomb type of Feng Shui is called “Yin Feng Shui” and is different than “Yang Feng Shui” which is for the living.

Direction, or Feng, (also translated as Wind) is the fundamental underpinning of Authentic Traditional Feng Shui. I have been trained in both Compass School,Land Form, and an additional 9 other very mathematical Feng Shui Systems- over many years and around the globe. One must study all different types of land form and water to begin to grasp these brilliant systems which allows one to understand the movement of Energy as it relates to our built environments.

I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic today because everyone can now utilize their I-Phone to access a decent Compass. If you want to understand where you are sleeping, for example, and the type of Energy your body is absorbing 8 hours a night, you will want to care about Where your Bedroom is located-relative to the Center of your House. You can look at “How to Use Feng Shui” in my Nav Bar to appreciate how important each of these exquisite Energy Quadrants really are and how they totally impact our Health and Happiness.

Authentic, Traditional Feng Shui can never be learned from a book. One must be constantly tested and vetted, and then painstakingly trained by a real Feng Shui Master for many years to even begin to scratch the surface of this ingenious system. It is extremely demanding and in modern times, because you do not just live with your Master, it is very expensive to travel to China and around the world to learn. However, if one is devoted and works very hard-it is life-altering as you never look at your world -as being separate from yourself-again.

Traditional Feng Shui helps us understand any built environment and how the surrounding Energies can be harnessed to support and enhance those homes and buildings. By paying attention to Where you are -always relative to Direction and your Location-you can truly improve your Energy, your happiness and your health.

We respect all teachings. However, we all know the more you study and train, the longer you work and the more experience you have in the field, the greater your knowledge and the more professional you hopefully become. We all understand to study anything, we must always dig deep and go the the source.

Care about the type of Direction and “Wind” that your home receives. These energies only enter through Doors and windows-and only windows that Open-not just Light that comes through those windows. The Energy that feeds your body comes through your house or any built environment you spend time in. Unless you sleep outside , in the Open air, on the ground, you need “Fresh Energy Food to feed your cells and your House needs the same to be able to take care of you!

We are now in the Summer Season. Open up your South windows if possible. That is the strongest Seasonal Energy Food for the Summer. By not only eating fresh and seasonal Food- you can also allow the freshest Energy into your Home. All of these things will make you and your family healthier and happier in the long run.

We do not have to know where the Sun rises and sets relative to our homes as we did in the past to be able to grow our Food. But, it is still hugely important to know about Direction , or “Feng” to access, harness and utilize the Best possible Energy to fill up our Homes and help our Homes- Help Us!

Blessings and so much love and light to all,

Dee XO