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Real Estate and Feng Shui
In real estate the old adage has always been: Location, Location, Location…

The difference in approaching a “Location” to purchase or lease for personal or professional reasons is different when coming from a Traditional Feng Shui perspective. What may seem like a great spot to a real estate professional may not be the best for my client. That having been said, I work with many real estate professionals and we enjoy a tremendous simpatico and I have great respect for them.

The main goal is to insure that my client will thrive and prosper in the property we agree on. Very often, the real estate professional will find a handful that the client likes and then I come in to evaluate and choose the absolute best property for my client.

I have chosen wonderful buildings, apartments, houses, and land to develop for my clients. It is always a joy to match them up with the Energy that will actually their lives.

Sales Support:
There are many ways to help sell a property using Traditional Feng Shui advanced formulas.  Please contact me for more info if you need support in this area.

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