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The 8 Directions in Traditional Feng Shui are a treasure trove of solutions!

It is so important to understand the “Wellness Power” we all have by becoming aware of “Where we are”! I have always said: ” Where You Are, Determines How You Are“. There is an inherent “Wellness Power” in connecting with Where we actually are at any given moment. Where you sleep, work, sit, eat, text, talk, watch TV and enjoy your social media-all of these actions take place in a  specific location and in a specific type of energy. Where you sleep is so important because your body is receiving a specific energy for a longer period of time during the night. Your office is also an important barometer of your Wellness because aside from your bedroom-you are spending many hours in that spot/energy while you work. Energy is invisible to the naked eye but it is definitely not benign! We take on the energy of that location-for good or for ill.

When we shift our perspective regarding the power of our physical space we immediately shift our perception. We are not helpless and we can absolutely improve our lives by taking a closer look at where our homes need help. Once we begin to relate to our homes as “Wellness Centers”  we begin to relate to our environments relative to our well being. We can also begin to understand our own power to choose the best energy for ourselves and our families by simply becoming conscious of where we physically are in our homes at any given time. In this action we immediately begin a powerful new relationship with our homes and ultimately ourselves!

Whatever our problems, whether physical or emotional, right now-we can actually look at that specific location in our house and yard and see what is happening in that corner and lovingly and deliberately untangle the knot of our own challenges.. The mathematical genius of the 8 Directions is truly our “Strategy of Change” and gives us a fundamental reference Point from which we know “Where we are” and therefore “How” we can Improve the “How we are”.

No matter what is weighing you down…you are not alone. Traditional Feng Shui  is our invisible helper. It is the Navigation system we can use to bring us HOME in any storm and to ourselves. Get yourself some better energy by positioning yourself for periods of time in an area that will receive beneficial energy from outside! Remember all the best energy is coming form Nature! It is easily accessed through our windows and doors and literally feeds our bodies with nourishing “chi” or energy food.

If you are feeling depressed or tired or negative thoughts dominate your day-your body energy is too low! Take some action and change that! New perception = Get outside or get your body in position to receive some higher frequency energy at your desk or to your bed! Pump it up! The gym is great but your body also needs Nature energy-and that only comes from outside –IN.

Take a serious look at every corner of every room of your house or apartment and see where your house needs help. Use your smart phone compass and find out what direction that room is located in your house. Then come back to my blog and find out all the attributes that area related to in your physical and emotional life.

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The 8 Directions are here to help us Problem Solve!

My past posts on Clutter are a great place to read and understand each of the 8 Directions inside and outside your home and yard. You know what you would like to improve in your life. Wellness Decor is here to help!

Please keep writing to me and asking your wonderful questions! You are doing great!

Much love and light,

Dee XO