Happy New Year of the Yang Water Tiger and welcome to 2022 in the Chinese Solar calendar. In Traditional Feng Shui we recognize Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 6:41 PM PST, 7:41 PM MST and 9:41 PM EST as the official change into the New Year of the Tiger. The Lunar (Moon) New Year begins officially February 1, 2022. In Traditional Feng Shui we use the Solar and Lunar calendars. Either way-the Year of the Tiger is here and there are lots of basic things you need to know to tap into the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

In the spirit of the New Year of the Tiger 2022 I wanted to give you some basic Traditional Feng Shui Tips that will help you enhance your luck and and help you be safer in 2022. I also want to support you in relating to your environment relative to the energy movement in Nature-and to remind you that the energies are constantly moving and changing. Just like the seasons change, so do our natural energies as they relate to our environments and ultimately our health, happiness, money and overall well-being. All of these energies surround each of our homes and businesses 360 degrees. They affect all of us and the more time we spend in any given place the more that specific energy will be absorbed by our bodies. The building is the macrocosm and our bodies are the microcosm. We are never separate from our environments. That is why it is so important to become an active participant in your own wellness and happiness as it relates to where you live, sleep and work.

A comprehensive Traditional Feng Shui evaluation is always preferred because every house and business has its own specific outside Landform that informs how we address your  homes’ Feng Shui. We combine that evaluation with birth data and further customize your audit. Basic information about the year does not include advanced Feng Shui formulas and techniques that can create positive and powerful changes for you and your family. However, I want you to have at least the basics for 2022 so here we go…

These 5 Types of Energy Represent “Balance” in Nature!

Traditional Feng Shui is like Acupuncture for your Home and Business. These 5 Energy Types, or Elements, make up pretty much everything in our Physical Universe.

By understanding which of the 8 Directions we need to avoid disturbing in 2022- we increase our good luck quotient and avoid some of the bad luck quotient.


NORTHEAST is a hot spot for 2022. When we talk about the Year of the “Animal” what we are really pinpointing is the energy of that year as it relates to a specific location.

  • So in 2022, in the Year of the Tiger, we are referring to the last 15 degrees of Northeast, or NE3 which is the home/location of the Tiger. As it also happens we have a hot spot at NE1 (Ox) as well. So for optimum wellness and luck in 2022-be very respectful of the whole NORTHEAST corner of your home and yard. No construction, renovating or digging in this Northeast section of your yard.
  • Be careful with water features in the NE in 2022 as well. There is an annual 8 star there for 2022 but the entire NE is not amenable to water this year. Unless you really know your exact compass degrees and calculations you have to avoid water in NE this year.


  • The NORTH  location inside and outside your home this year will have a very sensitive and problematic influence for 2022. We want to be very careful not to dig up this area or do construction here or even have a moving water feature to activate this area of home or yard. Leave it alone and do not disturb the North this year.

CENTER of your house:

  • The nasty 5 Yellow energy is located in the Center for 2022. Use Sea salt in a metal or white bowl in the center of your house to weaken this negative dry earth element for 2022.
  • Sea Salt is a Metal energy and will help to weaken this nasty Earth element energy for this year. Many FS websites will tell you to use a wind chime here. Wrong. I do not agree with an activating, irritating Metal energy here. Too strong and abrasive. Just use Sea Salt as it is perfectly good and a much less aggravating Metal element in the Center for 2022. Keep it fresh-change 1x a month. Baking soda in a bowl can work also.
  • The Center relates to our stomach, skin, muscle tissue and the Mother. Since we also have a Southwest illness star for this year-we want to avoid potential stomach issues for 2022.
  • You can also add 6 coins, any denomination, in that bowl with Sea Salt as the Metal element of the number 6 and the Metal of the coins will help weaken the negative influence of the nasty dry earth energy in the Center for 2022.


  • Southwest is the place for wind chimes in 2022.
  • The Metal energy vibration of the 6 metal rung chimes will help support the Southwest in 2022.
  • This is important as the Southwest relates to our stomach, skin, muscle tissue. (The Center does as well.)
  • Make sure the wind chime has 6 metal rungs which is a strong and Big Metal energy.
  • Also, please understand wind chimes are for Outside not really Inside the house. You need “Wind” to make them function and for them to be effective they have to be a nice size. Little ones that ring from a battery or from your fingers are not really strong enough to do their job. Woodstock chimes are great. You can find them at www.chimes.com They are big Metal, very beautiful and the tone is very healing and musically specific. Remember 6 rungs are required as the number 6 is a Metal energy number.


Everything moves in cycles-nothing is static in the universe and all energy is in constant motion. Energies move every year-and with them comes good and bad energies for that 12 month period. Therefore, know your Directions. Use your I Phone compass and point it at any corner of your home or apartment. Read what Direction that is and understand where you are relative to your space. Traditional Feng Shui is the original and authentic practice of this mathematical and brilliant knowledge. Without Direction there can be no Feng Shui. The Chinese created the compass and developed this mathematical system for Feng Shui. Direction is a Wellness Language and each year certain Directions have more and less Wellness and luck than others.


These important tips are not to be taken as negatives. Every year the energies shift into different locations, or directions. We just want to avoid activating bad energies when possible. A trained professional Traditional Feng Shui consultant understands how to use Advanced Strategic Date Selection to work around these energies in a given year. However, for the lay person I strongly recommend you just avoid digging and disturbing the locations that should be quiet in 2022. This will help you stay healthier and happier throughout the coming New Year.

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into the invisible energies of the New Year of the Tiger. Remember we are like fish swimming in the ocean…as the fish are not aware they are surrounded by water…so we too forget we are surrounded by atoms and molecules and gravity or Energy. We cannot see it but Energy is all around us. Get to know your home this year. Know where your Front Door is and where you sleep. By becoming more aware of where we are; we can make more conscious choices and deliberately and pro-actively improve how we are!

Happy blessed joy-filled New Year! Thank you for reading and I love your questions and comments!

All my love,

Dee XO