Wind Chimes and their true function in Traditional Feng Shui, are often misunderstood, placed incorrectly and become a missed opportunity to increase our Well-Being.

Their real purpose in authentic, Traditional Feng Shui is to support our Health as it relates to Annual, or “Yearly” Energies. Every year, just like the Seasons change, the Energies of each year shift on, or about,  February 4th. This is different from the Western calendar but does not have to be overly complicated. It is just important to note when using Traditional Feng Shui that every annual cycle begins after February 4th.

This past February 4, 2014 we entered into “The Year of the Horse”. Relative to Traditional Feng Shui our new ” Year of the Sheep” will not begin until February 4th 2015.  (this is Solar not Lunar year calculations which we use for Feng Shui placements, etc…) More on all of this in future posts!

 Wind Chimes come into play when we are addressing these “New” Energies of any upcoming “New” Year.  Some of these New Year Energy combinations we want to harness and accentuate relative to our homes. However, some we prefer to mitigate, or reduce,due to their less than beneficial qualities.

This is primarily true for homes rather than apartments. This is because a single family home is surrounded 360 degrees by natural Energy 24 hours a day. Apartments have windows to the outside but will be partially facing the interior of their respective buildings. Townhouses can be exposed to more of the 8 Directions, perhaps at the front and back, just not on the adjoining walls that would not receive outside Energy because they are attached to the adjacent townhouse.

#feet #health #ankles #Feng Shui East

East relates to our Feet and Ankles.


Back to our Wind Chimes:

  •  The most important thing to remember is from February 4, 2014 to February 4, 2015 the best location for your wind chimes is East.
  • East relates to our feet and ankles among other things. In 2014, when this less than beneficial Energy moved into the East, there was a higher potential for issues with our feet and ankles. That’s where our wonderful Wind Chimes come in!
  • Wind Chimes, when designed with 6 Metal suspended rods, have a strong Metal Energy vibration. This “Big Metal” frequency helps to weaken the health related issues of any Direction that this “less than beneficial Energy” lands in any given year.

Please note you can use any other type of wind chime but as beautiful as it might look only the 6 Metal rod design will be successful in generating a “Big Metal” frequency if you want to positively offset any negative issues that might arise.

In 2015 you will want to place the 6 Metal rod Wind Chimes in the Southeast locationafter February 4th, 2015 and through February 4, 2016. 

#Health #Feng Shui Southeast

Southeast relates to our lower back, breasts and viruses, particularly, air borne.


So Wind Chimes are beautiful to look at, relaxing to listen to but they are also a very effective Traditional Feng Shui tool to support our well-being. People love to just use them outside their Front Door, however, now you know that in 2014 they can be much more helpful in the East and in 2015 in the Southeast to support our Health!