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Welcome, my name is Dee Kelly and I am a wife, a mother, a lover of Nature, of animals and a highly trained Traditional Feng Shui consultant. In the last 12 years my work has taken me around the globe. I have consulted for celebrities, corporations, and even Royalty, but my favorite place on Earth is my home and my favorite clients are Moms and the families they are responsible for.

All of us, as mothers, share a common goal: to love and nurture our families and to make our Homes the best that they can be. Big or small they are the place we create the future by raising the children who will one day create it. The happier and healthier our families are, the happier and healthier our communities and ultimately the world. I believe Home is the most important place on earth.

Wellness Décor can be defined as :” the deliberate choice of color, placement of furniture, fabric, bedding, and arrangement of objects to promote physical and emotional Wellness in any room, home, office, building or the like.”  This blog is my chance to honor and support  all the magnificent women who are creating healthy and happy energy in their Homes 365 days of every year and the Homes who love them!

These Tips are to be used as a supplement to your Homes’ energy by understanding the inherent energy in color, placement of objects, and the 8 powerful locations you exist in every day.

It is a serious, yet fun way to be even more pro-active when choosing your Home’s Décor. Why just paint when you can also Nourish with Color? Why just decorate when you can “Wellify” your space at the same time?! Wellness Décor is about refreshing and renovating not only your Home but your life.

I hope you enjoy these Tips and use them to enhance your life and the lives of your families. This knowledge is a wonderful way to incorporate well-being into your décor process. It has been a blessing in my life and I sincerely hope it is a blessing in yours!

In love and in light,

Dee XO