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Clutter Can Tell Us So Much about Our Well Being!

“Clutter” is always such a hot topic, especially at the beginning of every New Year! It is the headline of countless magazines, a favorite segment on talk shows and the subject of many home organizing experts. UCLA’S Center on Everyday Lives and Families even studied the impact of Clutter! Their experts did an extensive study and determined that Clutter has a profound affect on our mood and self-esteem. They went on to explain that they found a definite “link between cortisol (stress hormone) levels, primarily in women, and a high density of household objects”.

I totally agree that Clutter is an important issue to explore. However, the reason I want to explore Clutter this month, is because no one understands how Valuable Clutter is and what our “Clutter” can actually tell us about our own inner lives and the lives of our family! Clutter is simply an area of our home that has become very “Congested” or overwhelmed over a period of time. That “location” of our Clutter is a strong indicator of where we, ourselves, might be feeling unhappy, stuck or constricted in our lives. This insight into “Where” our Clutter is and how it directly relates to our personal truth, can become the Motivational Key to changing it and finding the Energy to clean it out!

So,  for the month of January 2015, 2x a week, we are going to focus on “Loving” our Clutter and gaining insight into how we can Create positive Change, in our inner and outer lives, by releasing it! We will:

  • Understand the 8 corners of our home we may have Clutter and How it affects u
  • Love and bless the fact that we have such a clear indicator of where we need Support!
  • Develop the Motivation, through our new insight, to actually Change it
  • Create a stress-free Strategy to Release the Clutter and Clean It Out
  •  Let’s continue with the Clutter in Southwest Corner/Location of our homes and apartments and How It Impacts Us in that Location:
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    Southwest is the “Mother” area of our Homes

 Major Clutter in the Southwest Issues:

1. You feel like you have no Patience regarding your children and your life.

2. Your Accounting is a mess and you cannot seem to organize your Finances.

3. You are having Stomach problems or someone in your family is having Digestive Issues.

4. You, or someone in the house, is having Skin Problems.

Reasons to Clean Up and Clear the Southwest:

5. You want to enjoy your children and Family More!

6. You want to feel good about organizing your Finances.

7. You want to improve your Stomach and Digestive issues.

8. You want to feel healthier and have less Skin problems.

The Southwest relates so much to Moms and their well being! It helps us deal with the Stress of raising a family and also helps us Balance and enjoy our lives!

It is amazing when we realize that Clutter can actually tell us about what is going on in the present moment. The great part is, by clearing it out, we can create Positive change in our every day lives!

Next post we will discuss the West corner and how it relates to our joy!

Good luck and Good Energy!

Love and light,

Dee XO