In continuing our conversation about Bathroom and Toilet Energy  we want to be aware of the unique Energy bathrooms have and specifically when they are connected to our Bedrooms.

Tip # 1 – “En suite” bathrooms, meaning a bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom, are extremely sought after in home design. The key to maintain a separation of the Bathroom “Yin” energy and an optimal bedroom “sleeping” energy is to keep the door between the bathroom and the bedroom closed, especially during the night when you are sleeping.

Tip #2 – Toilets have a very unique type of Energy. Once again, it has to do, with the disturbance that occurs when we flush the toilet and the resonant Energy of the toilet tank filling up again. In Traditional Feng Shui that energy can create a frequency that can impact our health if we are sleeping in direct line with the toilet. As unusual a concept as  this might seem at first, think of a microwave and how electricity has a field of Energy that is emitted but cannot be seen. Toilets have a frequency of Energy too and that is the primary reason we do not want to sleep in front of, or in direct line with, any toilet.

Tip # 3 – This is especially true for kids. Ideally, we do not want a bed up against a wall where the toilet is located directly on the other side. There is a constant indiscernible frequency that can affect a child’s sleep. This is also important to avoid when placing a baby’s crib on any wall with a toilet on the other side or direct to a toilet.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy,Frequency and Vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

Tip # 4 – Last, but not least, if you, or your child, is experiencing skin rashes, sometimes a bed up against, or along, the same wall as the bathroom shower can be the culprit. The very”wet” type of energy of the shower is too close to where you sleep all night and can sometimes contribute to a skin rash or issue. Just move the bed away from the adjoining “wet” shower wall. If you can’t move the bed completely- even a few inches off the wall can help.