I love the power of Forgiveness! Forgiveness is so cool! I don’t say that in a specifically religious way. I love the action of Forgiveness for the amazing healing energy that is its by-product! Forgiveness is not hard but it is a process. It just takes effort and we must be clear and disciplined in our mind set. I believe it is a mental process and one where Empathy is the key.

We all come from somewhere. We all have a story and that story informs our thinking, our decisions and our perception of ourselves and others. That is not wrong it is just our individual reality. We must take all of these things into consideration and try to understand what the other person was going through and what could have motivated them to behave in a certain way.

I believe that it is not anyone’s fault. No one is to blame. We all simply know what we know, or I should say what we knew with the information we had at that particular time.

This pertains to us as well. In our effort to Forgive ourselves for whatever we feel we have done or have not done, we must understand that we did the best we could at that particular time. We must first Identify the emotions that we continue to carry. This identification process is crucial to then be able to Let Go of same. To Release our Shame, our Anger, our Resentment even our Grief…we must first pin point those emotions, have the courage to take responsibility for them and then make a decision to Let them Go!

Emotions are just Energy. They each have a specific vibration wave that creates a corresponding vibration inside our bodies. One of the fundamental tenets of Chinese medicine is that Emotion is often the root cause of all illness. Therefore, Forgiveness is a fantastic pathway to great Health!

Forgiveness can be an abstract concept. But I am suggesting it is not abstract but a concrete and powerful tool! It is a blessing, an opportunity and I believe a tremendous short cut to our Health, our Happiness and Success!

Forgive everyone and everything-your parents, your siblings, your lovers and your friends. Spend your precious time and energy on You and utilize the action of forgiveness to Let Go and Make Room for all the new and wonderful things you want to manifest in your beautiful life!

” To Forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”–Lewis B. Smedes

So make room, have fun, let go and love. Be present and know this is all just an experience with lots of chapters. Remember the Best is yet to come because you are creating it! Make it what you want it to be!

Much love and light,

Dee XO