Holiday-14 The Holidays are so busy and hectic for all of us! That is why I will be giving you 12 Days of “Quick Tips” on all kinds of topics that are on the top of the list of Questions I receive from readers and clients.

Feng Shui Quick Tip # 2:

Sunsets are beautiful. I have seen many, all over the world and I am still humbled by their majesty! However, when choosing artwork depicting Sunrises or Sunsets – Sunrises are preferred in Traditional Feng Shui.

#new start #hope #opportunity

A Sunrise is always associated with New Beginnings!

The Energy of a Sunrise is one of New Beginnings and fresh starts! It denotes a Brand New day and brings with it a powerful opportunity for Change.

Sunsets, although incredibly breathtaking, have the Energy of Endings. This is not a bad thing, however, depending on exactly where they are placed inside your home they can impact that particular location and its Energy. An example would be Southeast: if you are having any issues in your marriage or relationships, I would replace the Sunset artwork with a Sunrise. The Sunrise will be much more effective in creating the New Energy of that Fresh Start!