Saturdays are special and  perfect to simplify our lives!

Saturdays are special and perfect to simplify our lives!

Every Saturday think about how you can simplify something in your life. Go through your closet and pick one simple thing you do not use or wear anymore. Think of how wonderful it is to recycle and not keep anything that we really don’t need and how wonderful it will be for someone else to wear it!

Have your children do the same thing and let them feel the joy and humility involved in being generous and creating a simplicity in that moment. It is amazing how we burden ourselves. And…remember…Nothing we own– can make us truly happy. Happiness comes from within.

Maybe you want to simplify your social schedule. Maybe your days are so packed that you would benefit from a 30 minute block of time to simply be quiet. When was the last time you actually listened to the birds or watched the leaves move on the trees. Listen…maybe you just stop talking for 15 minutes and listen to your own breathing and focus on taking deeper, more oxygen-filled breaths into your precious lungs.

and...Smile…maybe you just sit and simply Smile. Smile with your children and release those wonderful endorphins and feel your Energy Battery get beautifully charged!