Master Bedrooms are so important for our relationships. One of the main components of the Master bedroom’s Energy, besides sleep, is Sex. With the recent popularity of the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomena- I thought it would be a great time to talk about how to support our Sex energy via our Master Bedroom decor.

We want the Master Bedroom to be a “Yin” type of energy room in our homes and apartments. A “Yin” energy can be defined as feeling more closed up/cozy, sexy, with luscious fabrics and textures and a sumptuous place where we let down our guard and inhibitions. This type of energy is opposite of a workout, or fitness room, which should be more bright, opened up and “Yang”.

Regardless of size, it must feel safe and warm as opposed to too opened up and cool. Our bedrooms need to support our need for satisfying, healthy, sex and intimacy.

A sexy bedroom does not have to be painted in dark, sultry colors to create an Energy conducive to great sex.
However, the more sexy , “Yin”, boutique-hotel like feel you give to your bedroom, the more adventurous and sexy you will feel! Here are some great tips to create the Energy necessary for your Sexy Master bedroom.
 To create an Energy environment that has the privacy and intimacy necessary to connect with your partner:
  • Keep your Kids photos out of the Master bedroom- we love our children more than anything in the world-however, that is a totally different Energy and does not lend itself to your being your sexy self!
  • Maintain your privacy-do not allow your children to take over your Master Bedroom space. Their toys are not to be stored in your Love Den. They also can be taught at an early age to respect your privacy and not to walk in or interrupt their Parent’s private time.
  • Keep your bedroom clean and organized and as beautiful as possible. It does not have to be expensive- just a special sanctuary for you and your partner to retreat at the end of a long day.
  • Make sure your partner loves your bedroom decor as much as you do. Balance is crucial-if your mate is not comfortable there-perhaps you need to re-visit your choices a little bit -remember this room is about the both of you.
  • Keep your side tables clear. Don’t let either side of the bed get too filled with stuff. Books, flowers, candles are fabulous and create a special Energy in your little ‘Retreat”.
  • Candles are great because they make the room more “Yin”. The Energy of Romance can’t take too long to ignite. In other words, make sure you have your matches, candles and everything conveniently near by.
  • Buy some dimmers for your lamps so you can create that “Yin” Energy with lights that can be turned down so the lights are low.
  • Smells create a special Energy wave. Make sure the scent you pick is something you both will enjoy-and not allow any smell to be too strong-as that can interfere with your Focus on relating to each other.
  • Music is wonderful in your Master bedroom! Instrumental music is sometimes preferred because lyrics can be distracting. You want to be aware of your partner’s energy and aware of your own. Focus on each other. Unless its music you both love!
  • Try not to have artwork in the bedroom where a woman is depicted alone. Anything sad, or forlorn feeling, is also not good for a happy and healthy sex life in your bedroom.
  • #north #feng-shui

    North relates directly to our Sex lives and sex drive.

  • If you, or your partner,  have been experiencing a lack of interest in sex of late: check the North corner of your home. North always relates to our Sex lives. Make sure you don’t have an excess of reds (Fire) or browns(Earth) in that location. All shades of blues, whites, grays, even black help the important Energy of the (Water) North.

Sex with our partner is the best “Yin-Yang” balance Boost we can give our physical bodies. It raises our Energy vibration which keeps us healthier, happier, and attracts more money! Give yourself a Balance Boost by re-prioritizing and making your Sex life a top priority again. You will be glad you did! If you are not currently in a relationship-consider maintaining your own sexual energy. It is still very healthy and will end up attracting that special someone because your attraction signal will be stronger. You will also be healthier and happier at the same time!

Love and light,

Dee XO