Red Agate and Quartz Crystal Bracelet


  • Power stones
  • Promotes Balance and Harmony
  • Enhances precision
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Healing stone
  • Symbol of Happiness

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Red is a Fire energy in Traditional Feng Shui and Fire relates to the South. South is always where we find our Happiness and Fame and Reputation.

Red Agate is a super Power stone and has been known for centuries as a symbol of happiness. It is known as a Healing Stone and helps reduce stress. It has been used for centuries to promote Balance and Harmony in the wearer’s life.

This is a great bracelet for men and it is said that red agate helps to sharpen focus and precision in our mental faculties. It is known to help us feel fully grounded and physically aware.

I chose to combine the red agate with the quartz crystal to amplify the stones qualities. I used 8 quartz crystals in each bracelet to represent the 8 Directions in Traditional Feng Shui and a total of 26 stones in each bracelet to accentuate the power of the number 8.


Love and light,

Dee XO


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