Eastern Mountain Green Jade and Quartz Crystal Bracelet


  • Promotes Harmony
  • Aids in Protection and Strength
  • Calming and Comforting
  • Dispels Fears
  • Strengthens mental faculties
  • Aids in relaxation especially in Nature
  • Promotes Serenity and Wisdom

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Jade is said to be very good for relieving anxiety and calming fears. It can aid in the relaxation of the wearer especially combined with being out in Nature. This stone promotes Serenity and Wisdom and is known to have a Healing energy vibration.

Jade is valued as a highly metaphysical stone and is believed to promote balance and peace. It has a highly protective vibration against negative energies and also promotes stability and self-resilience when worn.

These stones are known for their calming and cleansing properties and I combined them with 8 quartz crystals to energize and magnify the jade’s qualities. The 8 quartz crystal stones represent the Power of the 8 Directions in Traditional Feng Shui and the 26 beads lend an even stronger protective energy to each bracelet.


Love and light,

Dee XO


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