Black Agate and Quartz Crystal Bracelet


  • Protects against negative energies including spirit energy
  • Raises concentration energy
  • Enhances courage, resilience, and self-control
  • Can support hormone balance
  • Grounding and stabilizing energy

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I have worn my Protection Balancing Black Agate bracelets for many years. This particular gemstone is highly protective against negative energies especially ghost or spirit energies. I decided to combine it with the quartz to make it even stronger.

I am not a Ghost Buster or a Ghost Specialist but I do have to deal with these types of energies occasionally in my work. I remember one of my first jobs in NYC I did not have my bracelets on and had to come up against a fairly serious spirit in an old lower East Side Apartment. It all worked out but I definitely felt at a disadvantage and I never went out of my house without them on again!

The black agate is also great for supporting hormone balance and emotional balance and just really helps to deal with negative or toxic people.

I used 8 quartz crystal stones to represent the 8 Directions in Traditional Feng Shui. I also used a total of 26 beads to increase the vibration of the Power number 8. I wear my bracelets every day and I hope you find them as helpful in your life as they have been in mine!


Love and light,

Dee XO


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