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Holiday Feng Shui Quick Tip # 5

The Holidays are so busy and hectic for all of us! That is why I will be giving you 12 Days of “Quick Tips” on all kinds of topics that are on the top of the list of Questions I receive from readers and clients.

Feng Shui Quick Tip # 5:

If you want to Improve your memory look at your Bedroom Closets. Closets that are packed with “stuff” will have a negative impact on your Memory! Make sure your bedroom closets, specifically, are not over flowing and over-filled! Go through your things and recycle everything you do not need anymore.

#bedroom #closets #memory

An Organized Closet is Great for your Memory!

We need a Balance of packed and empty space in our Bedroom Closets. Hoarding and too much Clutter is not good for your “Recall”!

The Bedroom is the one place we spend most of our time when at home because we sleep there all night. Anything that happens in the bedroom impacts us more than any other room in the house. So, keep those Bedroom closets Organized and Balanced and know you are helping your Memory at the same time!