Front Doors are amazing and truly magical! They seem so utilitarian on the surface and yet they have so many wonderful energetic qualities that we need to celebrate.

Springtime is a wonderful opportunity to freshen up our homes and remind ourselves to have gratitude for how hard our homes work to take care of us. Our Front Doors are especially important because, as I have said many times before, they are truly the Mouth of our homes and their primary job is to allow energy to enter and feed our home and us!

I talk a lot about “energy as food” and how it is crucial to the health of our home and ourselves. Our Front Doors have a major responsibility in being the first point of entry as well as contributing so much to not only our physical health but our financial health as well.
Front doors relate to our actual mouth and teeth as well as our gums. But they also have distinct personalities and give us a sense of the personality of the people who live in the sacred space behind them.
Doors each have their own “tone” energetically. Just like they have different personalities-they each have a different and distinct sound. Similar to a musical instrument our doors have specific tones depending on their size. In Traditional Feng Shui we use different size and width doors for different purposes. However, A standard 36 inch door, or multiples of 36, each has a great tone and is a nice and comfortable size.
Red doors are lovely but despite prevailing wisdom, they are not a Traditional Feng Shui must. Front Doors have a symbiotic relationship to the energy coming to them. Therefore, it is more important to choose a color that helps support the energy coming to the Face, or front, of your house. If your house is facing South, for example, the Fire energy of South will be thrilled to team up with your beautiful red door. If your house is facing Southeast, the energy coming to your door will be very unhappy indeed and not want to go inside at all!

Happy Spring!

Love and light,

Dee XO