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Kids Bunk Beds and Allergies

 The Holidays are so busy and hectic for all of us! That is why I will be giving you 12 Days of “Quick Tips” on all kinds of topics that are on the top of the list of Questions I receive from readers and clients.

Feng Shui Quick Tip # 7:

Bunk Beds are great Space Savers. They allow us to add a another “bedroom” when space is in short supply. Children love them and they are definitely fun and especially convenient for extra Sleep-Over space!

If your children sleep in Bunk beds every night be sensitive to the height of the Top Bunk relative to the ceiling.

The Closer the top bunk is to the ceiling the higher the potential for that child to have allergies. If your child has no breathing or allergy issues your Bunk bed is great! However, if  your child has allergy issues and they sleep on a top bunk that is close to the ceiling, re-visit their sleeping arrangement. Try to have them sleep lower to the floor and away from the ceiling. All Bunk Beds are not created equal. Some are designed very well , however, our children’s health is so important and worth creating a new strategy for their bedroom if they are displaying any allergy symptoms. Healthier kids make for a happier Mom!

**If it is not possible to create another sleeping area due to lack of space- switch off who sleeps on top occasionally.