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Art impacts the Energy of any Space

Artwork has a powerful, beautiful and very personal energy. Everyone interprets Art in their own perfect way. We respond to images relative to our own experience. Our response to images can uplift and inspire us. We are either moved and enhanced or disturbed by every image we see.

Our emotions run the gamut when visiting a Museum and seeing so many types of incredible works of Art. However, the artwork we choose for our personal environments is much more powerful because we see it everyday. The type of Art we choose to display inside our homes has a significant impact on our energy. This is important not only for the image we see but also relative to the location it is displayed.

Here are some Tips to help you revisit your Artwork and how its energy is affecting your life.

1) If you are single and you would like to attract a relationship check to make sure that the photographs and paintings you surround yourself with, are not singular images. One chair on the beach, one woman alone, one bird, one horse, one anything. So often, I will see clients who would love to share their lives with someone-and yet the Artwork in their personal space is entirely of people alone.  This is not a criticism and we must say to ourselves that issue was “in the past”. We want to convey a clear message to the Universe as to our deepest desire. Surround yourself with your intention!

2) Women, or men, with blurred, turned or simply without faces are not going to be heard in real life. If you are in a relationship and feel like you are not being taken seriously- this could contribute to that type of energy. Replace that image with a strong and beautiful woman, or man, involved in something wonderful looking healthy, happy and strong. This also applies to sculpture. Full bodies, not missing heads and arms, are always better for complete and equal relationships.

3) Skulls are very popular and an extremely powerful energy. They certainly do not depict life at its most vibrant. If this picture of skulls is hanging in a location that relates directly to you or even your partner this could negatively impact the vitality of your relationship. I would even go as far as to say your health. Certainly, no skulls in the bedroom.

4) Icons, such as famous artists and people are great. Just make sure they were healthy and in control of their lives if you are looking at them everyday. Also the way they are depicted should not be frenetic and confused or sad. Pull energy and power from their most brilliant qualities-not from the chaos in their lives.

Art work is so magical and so necessary to a developed life. We just want to make sure that what we look at and our brains register everyday, is the type of Life we are looking to create.Especially if this is in our bedrooms or in a location we pass by on a consistent basis.

Enjoy your Art. Enjoy your Life. Just be sensitive to your personal goals. Support and surround yourself with the images and energy that underscore what you are looking to achieve at any given moment. By being even more sensitive and selective around your environment you become a powerful Curator of not only your space but your entire Life.


Love and light,

Dee XO