#Front Door #Kids #Behavior

Using The Front Door is a Great Way To Help Kids Listen More!

 The Holidays are so busy and hectic for all of us! That is why I will be giving you 12 Days of “Quick Tips” on all kinds of topics that are on the top of the list of Questions I receive from readers and clients.

Feng Shui Quick Tip # 6:

So many of us do not use our Main Front Entry Door to come into our house. We prefer to come in a side door, perhaps through the Garage, or even a Side Entrance. Although it is convenient, it can have an impact on children’s behavior if they consistently come into the house through a side door.

#Front Door #Kids #Behavior

Using The Front Door Instead of a Side Entrance Can Help Kids Listen To You More!

If you find that your children are not listening as well as you would like, try having them come into your house through your Main Front Door. Very often, their attitude will improve, their behavior will not be as “sideways” and their thinking will be more “straight ahead”. A bit more “Harmony” is always a good thing for a busy Mom!