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The Energy of our Birth year can give us valuable Insight into our Personalities!

Our Birth Year can be a powerful key to unlocking our personality and our hidden personal power.  Each year relates to a primary number and that number can give us strong insights into our personality strengths and weak points.

I have included a Birth Chart below to help you find your Personality Type Number. Please note that if your birthday is Before Feb. 4th of any given year- your Personality number belongs to the previous year. Here is an example: a female born Jan 10, 1960 (before Feb. 4th 1960) actually belongs to the 1959 year-so look at 1959 female column. A male born Feb 2,1957  (still before Feb.4th cut off) is actually 1956.

Also-if your birth number is 5–females use 8 and Males use the number 2. Here is an example: Female born 1972 is 5–read personality Number 8 below. If Male is born 1986=5—read Personality Type #2. So Females #5 are #8 on top-but much stronger than the real #8 birth year. Males #5 become a #2 but remember they always have that #5 underneath. Not as soft as a real #2.


#birthday #secrets #power #happiness #health

Mathematics has been used for thousands of years to help us understand different types of Energy. The primary numbers 1-9 help us to grasp and classify invisible energy in a more understandable and concrete way.

The ancient Chinese, Persian, Greek and Mayan astronomers, astrologers and mathematicians all used numbers to create systems to understand the cosmos. As we are all mini-stars we also have a special and individual energetic frequency that relates to the year, month, day and hour of our birth. In this article we will be exploring our Birth Year as it relates to our Personality and some easy tips to help understand our strengths and improve our weak points.

Personality Type number 1:

  • Strengths: highly creative, private, sexual
  • Weak points: Because 1 relates to Water-you may have a tendency to run all over the place
  • Personal Best Recommendation: Be more organized and try to be more patient -understand your process and allow those around you to help you implement your fabulous ideas!

Personality Type Number 2:

  • Strengths: loving, caring, thoughtful
  • Weak points: can be stubborn and withdrawn when hurt
  • Personal Best Recommendation: Monitor your relationships and make sure you are getting as much as you give. 

Personality Type Number 3:

  • Strengths: very helpful, fresh, strong
  • Weak points: Can overdo relative to your responsibilities, take on too much
  • Personal Best Recommendation: Try not to overburden yourself and take on too much-you don’t have to do or know everything, less stress is really good for you, you are enough!

Personality Type Number 4:

  • Strengths: Charming, smart, easy going
  • Weak Points: May go along with something just because other people want it
  • Personal best recommendation: Be more of a team player by communicating what you really think-people will appreciate it!

Personality Type Number 5: Females become #8/ Males become#2-so read all

  • Strengths: Powerful 
  • Weak Points: Can be too powerful and under stress have much less tolerance or patience 
  • Personal Best Recommendations: Maintain down time to not lose temper, allow yourself time to be still and calm-important to understand you own intense emotions-balance equals better health:) sleep!

Personality Type Number 6:

  • Strengths: Very Strong, determined, leaders
  • Weak Points: Can be stubborn and resist change, sometimes too controlling
  • Personal Best Recommendations: Relax, breathe, let other people help and express themselves

Personality Type Number 7:

  • Strengths: Great talkers, love to have fun, get along with everyone
  • Weak points: Can talk too much, say more than they should
  • Personal best recommendations: Talk less, listen more, think before you speak and text:) and spread your joy!

Personality Type Number 8:

  • Strengths: sweet, understand people innately, charming, cutie-pies
  • Weak Points: Need to be more independent, less dependent
  • Personal Best Recommendations: Know you have everything you need inside yourself, you will do great, go for it-growing up is fun too!

Personality Type Number 9:

  • Strengths: Fantastic friends, bring happiness, passionate like the sun, smart
  • Weak points: Tendency to overdue and burn themselves out, wear themselves out by always exerting super amounts of energy -especially for other people
  • Personal Best Recommendation: Learn to say “No” more, set some boundaries, love your friends but love yourself more:)

I hope you have enjoyed these Tips and can put some to use in the coming year. Every time of year is a great time to refresh and reboot our lives. Every personality type is beautiful and these tips and insights are merely a portal into how we can feel more balance and joy by working the volume of our lives. Wishing you all love!

As always,

Dee XO