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Wallpaper is a fantastic way to boost your energy and wellness! It does not have to be a whole room or look old fashioned or dated. An accent wall that needs a boost can be a terrific opportunity to improve the energy of that particular location.
I work with many very talented designers and I am constantly amazed at the ways they come up with to use wallpaper!
Girls Room
Remember that each of the 8 Directions have a very specific kind of energy and that those 8 Directions/Locations inside your home relate to your physical health and happiness. Therefore, when thinking about what colors to use or what you would like to change, it is a real opportunity to improve your wellness at the same time.

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There are lots of ways to use energy relative to the 8 directions. As a Traditional Feng Shui consultant I will use many  technical and complex feng shui formulas to change the energy in a space. However, you can strengthen any corner of your home or apartment by using the same color energy as that location. Just point your smart phone and use your compass.

Here are the 8 locations inside your home and apartment and some of their corresponding colors and attributes:

  • North is Water : blue, black = emotions/career
  • Northwest is Metal : metallic, white = head/authority
  • West is Metal : metallic, white =teeth/joy
  • Southwest is Earth : brown, tan, cream =digestive/patience
  • South is Fire : red, pink, purple = eyes/happiness
  • Southeast is Wood : green = lower back/relationships
  • East is Wood : green = feet/liver
  • Northeast is Earth : brown, tan, cream = hands/intestines

and we are back to North again.

Even adding something to the inside of a closet or a mini-bar is a great way to add some new energy to your home and boost your wellness!
Eclectic Wallpapered Bar

Photo by Ann Lowengart Interiors

Don’t forget the ceilings! Sometimes a ceiling can be beautiful with a fabulous wallpaper!

Hollywood Residence
Some gorgeous ceilings! Very dramatic and glamorous!

Villanova Residence - butler

Photo by Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd. 

Not all of us have a huge hallway like the one in the photo above but we all have closets and pantries and stairwells, etc…

Family Room

Photo by Heather ODonovan Interior Design

Even an attic room can become something cozy and pretty!

When relating to our environments with Traditional Feng Shui we get this incredible chance to actually improve not only the look of any space-but also the wellness quotient of any space!

As I have said for so many years , “Where you are, Determines How you are”. I am so happy that so many of you are interested in where you are and then making the choice to choose your decor with Traditional Feng Shui in mind!

As always, thank you for reading and sharing!

With so much love and light!

Dee XO