“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…who’s the fairest of them all?” So said the very vain and evil queen in the Snow White fairy tale. Regardless of the Queen’s very negative personality traits we all understood her Mirror possessed some serious magic!

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Mirrors can be utterly magical. They have bewitched us for centuries and have been a major player in many tales of old. We all adore mirrors and they have been touted as a cure all in New Age/Western type Feng Shui for years. This is not accurate and it can be detrimental.  I want you to understand the real impact of using mirrors in your home as we must respect the energy impact they can have on a specific location.

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Mirrors are considered a Fire energy in Traditional, authentic Feng Shui. When you combine them with a mirrored cocktail table, deep purple velvet chair and a mirrored alcove insert, like this beautiful interior above, you have a powerful Fire energy in that particular corner of your home. The designer even chose a fabulous triangular shaped carpet -which is also a Fire element-even though it is a subtle grayish almost lilac color. Traditional Feng Shui Consultants are not interior designers. Interior designers have a totally different training and I have the utmost respect for their work. I love working with great interior designers and collaborating with them. The result is always an incredibly beautiful and ultimately healthy and happy space!
They can be exquisite in bathroom decor and layered to increase the glamour factor! Dramatic and luxurious they amp up any space and the energetic impact is felt. Tons of Fire in this corner of the house.
The key to understanding energy is illustrated in 5 Element Theory. 5 Element is the basis of Acupuncture and one of the traditional Chinese Arts. Very ancient, very mathematical and very effective. It is a brilliant system of Energy classification and has been used for centuries to maintain and improve our health. I highly recommend it as an alternative and/or adjunct to any health regime! This illustration will give you a bit more insight into how the 5 Elements relate, not only to our homes, but also our flesh and blood, homes… our bodies. Traditional, authentic Feng Shui is similar to Acupuncture-but for your home, apartment or building. 5 Element is just one tool we use to create Wellness in your home, however-5 Element is a powerful fundamental and a great way for you to relate to your own space. Remember the 5 Elements are: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.
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Traditional  Feng Shui is like Acupuncture for your House

So here are some tips about using Mirrors in different locations in your Home:

  • In the Southeast use them sparingly. Too much Fire will weaken the tender Wood energy of this location. This can create a higher potential for pancreas and liver problems. It can also create more relationship problems.
  • In the North- too much Fire can create thyroid issues and water system problems-so if you are experiencing kidney or bladder or prostate or female reproduction issues-remove any mirrors in the North corner of your house. Replace it with a beautiful photograph or painting-it will love anything with water.
  • In the Northwest -if you are experiencing Migraines or feel like your thinking is not the best-make sure you do not have a big mirror in that corner.
  • In the West-if you are experiencing breathing or respiratory issues -check to make sure you do not have a big mirror/Fire energy in that location.
  • Mirrors/Fire are amazing in the South, Southwest, Northeast and even East corners.

****If you already have a huge mirror in a location that is a built in-and you are experiencing health issues-use Earth to weaken that Fire. Even 8 beautiful stones will help. They do not have to be obvious-put them in a bowl or basket or inside a cabinet. Just balance out that Fire energy-it is the element that can enhance our happiness in the South-but is strong and must be used correctly.

You can find the Center of your home and use your I-Phone compass to determine approximately where these areas are located in your home. Remember my mantra:”The House Is You” and everything we place inside it-will have an energetic impact. It is just like Physics in that every single thing on Earth has an energy. Everything is made up of sub atomic particles and are simply vibrating at a specific speed and everything has a particular type of energy.

The ancient Chinese invented the Compass we use today to help us to understand the universal power of energy and created the 8 Direction system as a way for us to relate to it.  When we begin to get into relationship with those 8 locations inside and outside our homes we are able to create change in our physical environments. When we create change in our physical space/homes-our bodies take on that new frequency -because we are living inside them. Once we become more sensitive to this incredible opportunity in our lives-we open the door to our own transformation and an endless landscape of possibility!

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it so beautifully when he wrote:

“Every Spirit builds itself a house; and beyond that house a world; and beyond its world a Heaven. Know then that the world exists for you; Build therefore, your own world.”

One more Tip: When you look in that mirror remember how beautiful you are!

Love and light,

Dee XO

PS Write to me and tell me where your mirrors are!