The 8 Directions inside and outside our home become our 8 opportunities for change.

The 8 Directions inside and outside our home become our 8 opportunities for change.

One of the exciting things about learning how to use Traditional Feng Shui is that every home and apartment contains 8 powerful locations, or Corners. These energy areas are the 8 Directions, or 8 Locations, inside and outside,our homes. They are North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, and Northwest.

These 8 energy corners of our homes each have unique personalities and correspond to many important aspects of our lives. They also relate to our physical and emotional well-being in Traditional Feng Shui.

Traditional Feng Shui is very different from the more diluted, commercialized types of Feng Shui practiced today. The most common type of Feng Shui practiced today is called “Black Hat” , or “New Age” and is not based in mathematics, nor Direction, but simply on the location of your Front Door. Once you remove the 8 Directions from your Feng Shui it is not real Feng Shui anymore. Feng actually means not only “wind” in Mandarin Chinese but “Direction” and Shui can be translated as “Water”. 

Traditional Feng Shui  is all about understanding the land that surrounds our homes and apt buildings, the 8 Directions that are surrounding us 24 hours a day and how we can benefit by understanding more about their inherent characteristics. We are inextricably connected to these 8 Directions whether we realize it or not. Our focus will be to better understand this brilliant system and optimize these 8 areas inside and outside our homes where ever we can.

Traditional Feng Shui is a lifetime of dedication, training and evaluating results in each and every case.  However, I believe everyone can benefit by understanding these 8 Directions in addition to some  basic, but accurate, Traditional Feng Shui principles. We are all surrounded by natural invisible energy every day. As I like to say, “ where you are determines how you are.” Just like a fish is surrounded by water, we too, are surrounded by Energy. Why not make the most of that energy? But first we have to understand where we sleep, study, work, and live and the idea that we can actually improve those areas.

Brian Greene, physicist and author of “The Elegant Universe” said it so well…”Our entire existence- everything we do, think,and experience- takes place in some region of space during some interval of time.” “By deepening our understanding of the true nature of physical reality, we profoundly reconfigure our sense of ourselves and our experience of the universe.” And I say…Amen to that.

Use the 8 Directions and their time-tested Feng Shui principles to enhance the Wellness Energy in your Home!


Helps Creativity for artists and designers, affecting blood, emotions, female reproduction, bladder, kidneys, hearing, ears, prostate


Affects kids, knees, nose, staff, money, employees


The sector of gossip, arguments, management, nerves, feet, hair


Affecting marriage, relationships, communication, lower back, breasts, virus


The sector of happiness and fame, affecting heart, eye vision, blood pressure, reputation


Patience, kindness, accounting, skin, stomach, abdomen,muscle tissue


Teaching, writing, voice, singing, teeth, mouth, gums, throat


Business, boss, power, authority, lungs, bones, head, neck

The 8 Directions are a perfect place to start…