Happiness is a Mental and Physical Skill Set!

Recently, in my travels, people asked me for tips on how to feel happier in their lives. They felt that sometimes it was hard for them to be told to just focus on being positive and I agree!

Although I am a true devotee of positive thinking I have also learned that Happiness is more of a Skill set and like any Skill we must learn how to do it and become proficient at it. Here are some tips that I have learned that I hope will help you:)


  • Honestly address how you are really feeling each hour of every day; take notes if you have to. Just pay close attention to the emotion energy in your body during the day. Remember Emotions are just a type of Energy and with some practice you can change them! You just have to identify them first and know which ones you are experiencing at any given time.
  • Pay attention at night also-as anxiety and fear have a tendency to come to the surface when we are finally in bed at the end of the day and we are quiet.
  • The South corner of your yard and home needsto be strong to support your happiness quotient! Make sure there is not too much blue or brown in the South corner of your home if you want to increase your Happiness. Use more reds, purples and even greens in that corner to support the Fire energy of the South.

    #Reds #Holidays #Happiness

    South is the Energy of Happiness!

  • If we want to create a permanent change in our personalities, we have to understand that our very cells have been imprinted with a certain vibration wave for most of our lives. It is only by identifying that specific emotion and/or vibration-and the subsequent “Triggers”, or situations,  that we seek out to maintain our “addiction” to that emotional vibration that we are able to do something about it.  We are so used to feeling that way we constantly put ourselves in situations where that very feeling will be perpetuated.  Crazy right? But true.
  • It is only through the act of realizing what those emotions are, the same ones we feel over and over again vibrating in our bodies, that we can begin to actually fully focus on them, get inside them and ultimately dissipate them and watch them, like a kind of emotional confetti, float in tiny pieces, down to the ground.

Pick a Problem!”, Do it now! Don’t be afraid to look deep inside your emotion and share it with yourself. Bravely-what you really think, how you really feel! It is okay if it is awful, it’s okay if it’s afraid! Know that it is not your fault! You have carried these frequencies since you were a child, and you just don’t need them anymore. It is time to make room for the NEW You! The authentic you, the beautiful You that has been covered up by the “Worry weight” of all these negative emotions you have acquired from everywhere along the way. Time to try something NEW for sure!

  • Once you pinpoint a problem, the first thing you must do is Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself and everyone around you. Without forgiveness our burden is just too heavy to bear. Let it go. It doesn’t matter…
  • You are perfect, truly perfect just the way you are. Approve of yourself! And say it 400x per day. I Approve Of Myself! Let go of the past NOW. Start fresh, every minute if you have to. There is no judgment, you are free, you are forgiven, you are special and precious and filled with good health and joy!

So today… pick your biggest problem and the emotion associated with it.  Acknowledge it, go all the way inside the feeling, and begin to let it go. You have to get to the other side of it-but only by going right to its heart and all the way through! Then any time that feeling rears its ugly head, identify your trigger, talk yourself down, and go all the way to the other side. And before you know it, like a bag of magic fairy dust, your feeling will be dispersed by the wind…

Then, you are ready, for that Positive thinking for sure! Maintain it, commit to it, obsess on it, and you will be so much lighter and so ready to create something wonderful in your world!

Love and light,