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With real focus and dedication you can create change in your Life!

I feel compelled to write about Change and how to manifest real change in your life. I have been hearing the latest “Spiritual Gurus” talking about “Surrendering to the Universe” recently- and how “Surrender” is a key requirement to be able to manifest your desired change. Just “Put it out there and the Universe will give you what you want”. Wrong. Manifestation is an energetic process and one you must totally commit to and work on-consistently. It is a conscious and intelligent fitness program for your Mind! You can absolutely do it! There is no mystery. You already have the tools. You just have to do the work.

In my many years of  training as a metaphysician and a Traditional Feng Shui Master I was never taught to “surrender” to anything but mental discipline and hard work. There are no short cuts. You must take responsibility for your own emotions and forgive yourself and everyone else all. It doesn’t Matter…it is already in the past.

If we want to be aware of the Power of this Moment and its involvement with our Future- we must understand the energetic process of Spirit -into -Matter. We must understand that to create, or Manifest, on the physical plane, we must Focus our thoughts and Focus our Energy on that which we want to create.

Meditation is more about Matter-to-Spirit and I believe that it is an incredibly worthwhile practice. What I am talking about is creating and generating energy from the ether and pulling all those energetic sub-atomic particles together via the Power of your Thought. You don’t need a Yoga Mat or a special anything- you only need 5 minutes 5 times a day. Generate energy with your Mind and Body and create your new possibilities by totally and completely obsessing on what it is you want. It is deliberate. It is how to Manifest. It is focusing on your Frequency and sending out the correct signal vibration to Attract the Energy you are looking to Create.

This is a very different type of energy process than relinquishing your Power to the “Universe” and just trusting that “it” will happen.  Focus your intention and be seriously aware of mixed signals. When your self-doubt creeps in-remove any negative thoughts. Pull them out by the roots and replace them with your loving and committed affirmation. Be Present and Mind your own store. We are here to be Here. Be Here.

Do this 5 times-5 times a day. Whether on the soccer field or in your shower or on your lunch break. Write down 3 things you want to change and then spend the next 90 days focusing totally on them. Then you can send it out into the Universe. Know exactly what your “Order” is.  Be specific and descriptive. If it is a relationship -describe the person you want to have in your life-hair color, eye color, weight, height, personality traits, etc… If it is more money -describe the amounts in exact dollars US$ or otherwise and be specific relative to your time frame to achieve that.

Understand you have the Power to Change your Life by focusing your thoughts. Get organized around it. You are creating your Reality every minute of every day. Breathe…and then use the Power of your Concentration.

Feel the joy in your process of Creation. You are beautiful and a true Child of the Universe you exist within!

So here is a recap:

  • Write down 3 things you want to change in your life
  • Focus totally on them and know in your core you can have that.
  • Write them out 5 times each- and do this 5 times a day.
  • Say ” I am…or I have…” as if you already are that-not “I need or I want”-you are creating not wishing
  • Whenever you feel doubt-talk yourself down and tell yourself -“I am creating my Reality” you are allowed to change! it is Your Life!Approve of Yourself and your desires!
  • Do it now and don’t wait.
  • Focus on Yourself and not what those around you are not doing for you.
  • Keep working on your Affirmations for 90 days.
  • If you stop-start over from the beginning.

You can Change your Life. You can Attract whatever you want. Just be sure you are clear and obsess on what that is. Chances are very good you will get it. Make it healthy and positive and happy. This is a spiritual practice in itself. Understand the Power of You and get into the real game of your beautiful Life! Let me know how you are doing and remember to have Fun. It is a very powerful frequency!

All my love,

Dee XO