Be present, Thoughts, feelings, Emotions, Hope

Everything starts with your Thoughts!

Teaching people how to be more Mindful and more Present to create positive change in their lives has been such a huge part of my practice. However, it is only in the last year that I realized how important this training is and how big a part it has played in my working with clients and how much I love sharing it!

I have always worked within a dual type process where the Emotion piece was inextricably connected to the Environment piece. In a true Traditional Feng Shui training the Personality training comes first-then the formulas and systems. Some might describe this process as “Mindfulness”. Certainly, Mindfulness is a beautiful energy to maintain. However, in my opinion, this idea can and must go deeper.

In being Present, or mindful of the present moment, you become the “Observer” of your life. The moment you become Aware that you are Observing your own experience you detach from it and become more objective. Within that objectivity there is a consciousness and an inherent responsibility whereby you now are no longer a victim of your life but the Captain of your emotional boat and existence!

I have worked with so many people over the last 2 decades. Some of my best students had absolutely nothing as in homeless, victims of domestic violence and totally new to these concepts. In having to create a class where my beautiful women, and men, could walk away with something meaningful I had to dig deep myself and ask what is the core value in these precepts?

The answer became Keep it simple. Get down to the real fundamentals. Make metaphysics and Energy work fun. And lastly, begin with  learning how to discipline your Mind and maintain a state of powerful presence.

Here are some good tips to begin your maintenance program to be more Present.

  1. The moment you are feeling out of control…PAUSE…Be Calm…Be Still…Breathe…
  2. Identify your Emotion in that moment. What exactly are you feeling? What type of feeling is it? Is it fear? Is it Anger? Is it Guilt?
  3. Can you think of another time in your life when you felt this emotion?
  4. Now, can you become aware of the fact that you are actually in a moment of Observation?
  5. Once you step back from the subjective energy of that emotional state you are instantly in control of your emotions.
  6. Realize there is a high potential that your body has become accustomed to a particular type of feeling-because it is something you are comfortable with probably from your childhood.  Regardless, of how truly UN -comfortable it might be!
  7. This process could be termed a dependence or addiction to certain chemicals that get released from our brains-every time we THINK in a certain way.
  8. Remember THOUGHTS create our FEELINGS. CHANGE the thought and the FEELING has to go away.
  9. Just like a physical work out this is a Mental Work out every day. It will keep you in great Mental/Mindful shape and keep your body from being too stressed. This will help you remain healthier and happier!

So, in conclusion, just becoming more Aware of our thoughts can make us more in control of our Feelings. Once we become more in control of our feelings we can CHOOSE better ones! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could be in charge of your own boat and Navigate your life in a more productive, healthy and positive way?

Thank you for reading and being so patient these last months as I found my work expanding into new and exciting areas that I love and will love to share! Good luck being very Present and Mindful in each day and remember to enjoy the ride!

All my love,

Dee XO