Happiness is our job everyday to support and maintain our health.

Maintaining our own Happiness is crucial to maintaining our Health.

Acupuncture and Wellness Decor have something exciting in common. Both approach wellness  relative to 5 classifications of energy, or the “5 Elements”. They can be described as follows: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

These 5 Classifications of Energy are a great way to understand Nature.

This article is about Fire as a type of energy in our bodies and how, when we have too much Fire energy,   it creates a higher potential for health problems such as arthritis, cancer, inflammation, back pain, and even vertigo, lymph problems and more.

Good people get angry-just don't stay angry and resentful all the time.

Good people get angry-just don’t stay angry and resentful for long periods of time.

Our Emotions, good or bad, have a powerful  impact on our health. Anger, rage, jealousy, resentment, envy, are all types of Fire Energy in our bodies. Anger is necessary and sometimes healthy. However, when we cannot control our anger or Release our Resentment it can become a serious condition that will ultimately wreak havoc on the balance of all 5 elements in our bodies.

Too much Fire/anger/resentment will suck up all our Water energy and ultimately burn up our precious Wood energy reserves.  Once this occurs we begin to present and exhibit physical responses, or ailments, that are directly related to our negativity and thinking.

southeast is a tender wood area and breast health needs a healthy SE.

The Southeast location of our home
relates to our relationships and breasts.


      •  Check out the Southeast corner of your house and yard to make sure you don’t have an excess of reds or pinks or purple there.
      • Make sure there are no sick or dying trees or bushes or anything in the SE corner of your yard that needs to be repaired or removed.

Blue is a Water type of Energy color “Food”and the Southeast area of your home and Yard will thrive with the watery energy of any shade of blue. You will be enhancing  your Southeast location with these beautiful and healthy blue tones.



Blue accents like this wonderful armoire work well too!

Green, and there are hundreds of shades to choose from, is wonderful in the Southeast location of your home. Whether the Southeast turns out to be a Bedroom, Dining Area, Living Room, or bathroom-“Team Up” with the Wood Energy there by using a beautiful shade of Green.

Blue and Green are fantastic together in any Southeast corner of your home! So good for your marriage,
relationships, communication and supports our breast health!

Our homes need nourishment just like our bodies do. These beautiful Water and Wood color “foods” are wellness enhancers when used in our very tender, but vitally important, Southeast location of our home.