Here at Wellness Décor we always relate to our Homes as living, breathing bodies. They are not inanimate boxes that we simply come to and go from, but co-creators of our lives and the lives of our families. We see them as an extension of ourselves. They truly love us and want to do their very best to protect us and keep us healthy and well!

Once you begin to relate to your home like a human body you will not be surprised that the Front Door is the  Mouth of your house and the efficiency and the state of that Front Door and surrounding area has a tremendous impact on your intake of energy from outside. This outside Energy from Mother Nature is the Energy Food that our homes need to be remain vital and help them take care of us! This Mouth of our house helps keep our home and its occupants energized and it also is an important factor in the health of our Finances.  

Our Front Door is a very important entryway for energy to get into our home.

  • Be sure that there are no broken light fixtures, no broken windows or storm doors, that your steps are in good shape and railings are not rotted or falling apart.
  • Stone or cement steps should not be crumbling or have holes in them.
  • WD TIP: Broken steps or Front Door’s in disrepair creates a higher potential for mouth and teeth problems so take care of your Front Door, the Mouth of your Home, and save on your dental bills!
  •  Landscaping around the front door should not be overgrown or out of control.
  • If you keep your garbage pails in the front of the house make sure they are enclosed and that they do not emit any bad smells.

Here is your healthy Front Door and Finance Checklist:

  1. No broken or chipped steps
  2. No mold or rotten wood steps or rails
  3. No overgrown bushes or weeds
  4. No broken windows in door or front of house
  5. No loose railings or rusty wrought iron
  6. No broken lamps or lighting
  7. No garbage in view-money doesn’t like that
  8. Clean and freshly painted front door!