Fireplaces are so awesome. We love to sit in front of them, feel cozy and curl up with our loved ones. We feel safe and warm and protected from the impending cold and frosty weather.

In Traditional Feng Shui we care a great deal about real Fire, real Water and where they are located inside and outside a house. Here are some good tips regarding our beautiful Fireplaces and how their energy can potentially affect us.

    • If you have a Fireplace in your bedroom make sure you have excellent ventilation
    • Have your Fireplace professionally cleaned and maintained before you use it each year
    • If you are sleeping directly above a Fireplace and you are experiencing high blood pressure- move your bed
    • If you cannot move your bed- don’t use the downstairs Fireplace that much
  • Gas Fireplaces are easy to use and many have glass enclosures-great for a Bedroom
  • Outdoor Fireplaces have excellent ventilation- but we still have to care about their location relative to the center of the house.
    • Remember I always say: “The House Is You” TM and I mean that- your house, or apartment, is totally connected to you
    • If you have a Fireplace in the South, Northeast, Southwest you are in luck! These areas love Fire and enhance all the qualities that relate to these 3 locations. East is okay and should not be a problem. If you want to learn more about the other locations you can go to  
    •  The other Directions don’t love Fire and can actually be weakened by it and it is not the best for those areas
    • If you have a Fireplace in the North, Northwest, West, Southeast-use 8 bricks to lessen the impact-8 bricks have the energy of big Earth and will help to mitigate the Fire element in those areas of your home- and strengthen them against it
    • If your Fireplace is surrounded by brick or stone that will help a lot if the fireplace is in a sensitive location in your house
    • If you find you are having health or money issues relating to those locations and the Fire is detrimental in any way-just don’t use the Fireplace-or use it only on special occasions-that should help a lot
I love my Fireplaces and I want you to thoroughly enjoy yours! It is also important to get to know our homes and apartments and how they are truly an extension of ourselves!  Our homes really love us and want to do everything  to support us and keep us healthy and well but we have to do our due diligence in understanding that we have to take good care in our relationship with our house. A good way to do that is to develop a better understanding of how we live and what we have in our homes and where those things are located.
We want to have the best possible relationship with our Homes and by understanding its special energetic qualities I believe we can!
The colder weather can bring us all closer together as we gather inside around our fires. These rituals have been going on for thousands of years and we are still blessed and happy to be enjoying them.
Love and light,
Dee XO