Landscaping can help Balance the Energy Inside our Homes.

Landscaping can help Balance the Energy Inside our Homes.

Landscaping is an amazing tool to create Balance in our homes. This is especially true when dealing with “Missing Corners” in your floor plan.

A “Missing Corner” is any part of your floor plan that is quite literally “Missing.” Ideally, we would like to have all 8 Directions/Locations represented in our floor plan. Therefore, the Energy and properties relative to that location are present and supported in our lives. This is especially true for our marriage and relationships that can be the most impacted by an irregular shaped house.

L-shaped houses are very common and will have a missing corner, or two, due to their shape. Often times it is due to the garage being attached to the rest of the house- which creates the L shape floor plan. This shape house can impact our marriage and relationships the most. So it is not a bad thing to be aware of how our home is affecting our primary relationship.

No house is perfect and we have to create Balance and Harmony in the wonderful home we have. Here are some tips on how to off set a Missing Corner by using landscaping and caring about every corner of your property and yard.

  • Fill in and Square off the missing corner with hedges, bushes, or plantings. This creates a sense of “bringing that corner in”.
  • If you have the budget to add a fence in addition to bushes that is great.
  • If you already have a beautiful tree there, the tree’s presence will help “fill in” that missing energy.
  • If you have a Garage that is attached to your main house-and you are having serious stress in your marriage-do not use the door that accesses the Garage from inside your house. The weather is better at this time of year-and if you can take a break from your inside Garage door-only use access to the Garage from outside. See if this helps minimize any disagreements you might be having with your spouse.
  • When standing in front of your house-looking directly at the front-check to see if both sides of the house are equal. Is one stronger than the other? if so, which side? The right side( looking at house from front yard) is the Dragon, or Male, side. The Left is the Tiger side, or Female Energy side. Is one side higher than the other? If so, put some hedges or bushes in on the weaker side to help Balance it out. This will help Balance out your relationship.
  • If the Garage is creating the additional area to make the L-shape-then you might have a driveway in that missing corner. In the event you cannot bring in that missing area on the outside then make sure to take extra care of the corresponding location. See the areas below that have special connections to each other.

If the North corner is missing–make sure the South is in very good shape.

If the Northeast corner is missing- make sure the West is strong.

If the East corner is missing- take very good care of the Southeast.

If the Southeast is missing–make sure your Master bedroom is balanced on both sides of bed and take good care of the East.

If the South is missing -make sure the North is clean, well maintained and in proper repair.

If the Southwest is missing -keep the Northwest corner of your yard looking beautiful.

If the West is missing–make sure the Northeast is in great shape.

If the Northwest is missing in your floor plan–keep the Southwest very well taken care of to maintain balance.

Every corner of our homes and yards relates to us. At this beautiful time of year it is wonderful to take a fresh snapshot of your home and really see what’s happening with the outside.

The world is in flux and we all can feel these unstable times. Therefore, our oasis, our homes, need to have as much harmony and balance to help us maintain that beautiful energy in our everyday lives.

Much love and light,

Dee XO