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Balance Your Body with 5 Element Foods!

The Holidays are so busy and hectic for all of us! That is why I will be giving you 12 Days of “Quick Tips” on all kinds of topics that are on the top of the list of Questions I receive from readers and clients.

Feng Shui Quick Tip #10:

Moms need a tremendous amount of Energy every single day! I was food shopping yesterday and passed a Mom with 3 children, food shopping and teaching one in the shopping cart his alphabet while she shopped for groceries! Impressive multi-tasking Mom for sure!

Food is a great way to re-charge our Energy and keep us strong and calm. If you can incorporate the 5 Elements into at least 1-2 meals per day- your Body will maintain a better Energy Balance and its great for the kids to learn too!

These 5 Types of Energy Represent "Balance" in Nature!
These 5 Types of Energy Represent “Balance” in Nature!

 WATER = blue or black like blueberries, blackberries also Seafood and Shellfish are WATER


WOOD =Greens like all kinds of Salads and Green vegetables


FIRE = Red like Tomatoes, red peppers


EARTH = Brown, Yellow, Orange Foods like carrots, mushrooms, squashes, sweet potatoes


METAL = White like white potatoes


Food is like medicine for our Bodies. Good and Balanced Foods will keep us and our families Healthy, Happy and Well! Enjoy and Feel Beautifully Balanced! XO