As grown ups, getting a good night sleep is so important for our optimum wellness. Good sleep is also so important for babies and the quality of rest they get can be improved by where we position their cribs.

Creating a beautiful space for your baby to come home to is so exciting and rewarding. However, just like we need to relax and restore our bodies during the night babies and toddlers need the same stability relative to their sleep environments.

Babies are more sensitive than big people. Their bodies are developing and their energy needs as much support as we can give them. That is why we like to see their cribs placed solidly against a wall and not floating in the middle of of the room.
If you have any beams over head, or the wall slants down, use this great canopy idea to soften that energy over the baby’s crib.
Try and avoid ornate chandeliers over the crib as they can disrupt the energy over the baby’s body. Soft mobiles are fine.
 Also, be sure to check where the baby is sleeping relative to the electrical box that feeds your home. We don’t want the electical wires coming up through the wall next to the baby’s crib. Nor do we want the electric wires coming from the transformer on the street, into your house, in the same corner as where the baby sleeps.
The EMF’s, or the Electro Magnetic Field, coming from transformers on the street, are too strong in those areas of our homes and we do not want our kids sleeping too close to those stronger electrical energy areas.
If you want to monitor the EMF levels inside your home and your kids’ bedrooms you can purchase an affordable Trifield 100 XE EMF Meter on