Bathrooms can be incredibly luxurious.Big or small, we love soaking in them , primping in them, and of course…well, you know how important they are for our optimum health!

Tip # 1 Bathrooms are important to us for other reasons as well. The energy of a bathroom is “wet”type of energy, what we refer to as “Yin” and it is very important that where ever they are located in our home, or apartment, that they remain very clean, as dry as possible and always smell fresh.

Tip # 2 -If your bathroom is located in the Southeast corner of your home  you must take especially good care of it.

# relationships

Toilets in the Southeast location in our home or apartment can impact our relationships.

The Southeast relates to our marriage and all our relationships and the way we communicate. We all have to have our bathrooms and toilets somewhere inside our homes. However, do not use purples or reds in a Southeast bathroom. It will negatively impact the Southeast energy of your home and exacerbate the issue of the toilet being there already.

Tip #3 The real reason we talk about toilets being a challenging type of energy influence is due primarily to the energy disturbance of “flushing” and the disruption of energy that occurs when the water must be pushed through the pipes and out of the house or building.

This fluctuation of energy is the real issue regarding toilets. Therefore, we need the rest of the bathroom energy to be very clean and balanced due to the constant disturbance of energy in that particular area of our homes. The shower and sink do not have the same impact- just the toilet. This is also due to the type of elimination of dirty water going out of the home.

Tip #4 Another issue when addressing Bathroom energy specifically,  is when there is no window to the outside and subsequently, no fresh energy coming into the the bathroom and cleaning the air.

Whether you live in a house or apartment, very often the bathroom will have no window and therefore, no fresh air , or fresh energy, to clean and refresh that particular corner of your home. This is particularly true of powder rooms.

This is important to us because the quality of every location, or corner, of our homes and apartments has a specific physical and mental impact on the people who reside there. (Please refer to the Feng Shui category in the Nav Bar above to find out what those qualities of each of the 8 Directions are.)

Tip # 5 The best way to manage the energy of any bathroom, but especially those with no window, is to use Baking Soda or Sea Salt.

Sodium Bicarbonate, commonly called Baking Soda, has an energy movement that “sucks in” or “absorbs”. That is why we use Baking Soda to absorb smells in our refrigerators to keep them fresh.

Baking Soda keeps our bathroom energy clean and dry.

Baking Soda keeps our bathroom energy clean and dry.

  • Use Baking Soda, or Sea Salt, in a nice container underneath your toilet tank. A metal bowl is great because the energy of Sodium  is a “Metal” type of movement and a Metal bowl just teams up with that energy.
  • Another great tip is to use essential oils in the Baking Soda. Then you’re not only cleaning the energy but you can add beautiful smells to your bathroom at the same time! And the essential oils are also uplifting and improving your energy too! Citrus and lavender are fabulous oils to use in Baking Soda and then you can put your pretty Metal bowl on top of the toilet tank or in a corner, and allow the lovely smells to circulate.
  • The Baking Soda or Sea Salt is drying out the “wet” energy in the bathroom and absorbing the “less than clean” energy as well.