The Heart Is the Most Powerful Organ in the Body!

 I love the energy of Valentine’s Day because we tend to focus not only on love but also the power of our Hearts! The Heart’s Energy is an extremely powerful type of Energy. It is the most powerful organ in the body in terms of electromagnetic energy and plays a major role in orchestrating emotional and physical harmony in the body.

Researchers now believe that the heart’s magnetic field is 5,000 times greater than that of the brain’s!

“It’s true that we don’t give the heart enough credit. I believe it’s one of the ‘nodal points’ or hot spots of the emotional system-areas where a great deal of information converges,” says Candace Pert, Ph.D., a research professor in the physiology department of Georgetown University Medical center in Washington, D.C. “It actually generates and receives numerous peptides, the messenger molecules by which the body transmits information from one cell to another, including emotional information. In fact, the heart has every one of the peptides found in the brain.”

Linda Russek,Ph.D. and Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., co-directors of the University of Arizona’s Human Energy Systems Laboratory in Tuscon,  have done many experiments where the energy in a person’s heart can be transmitted to the brain of another person sitting three feet away!

In another study called the “Freeze-Frame” method, from the Institute of HeartMath, subjects who held feelings of care in their hearts for five minutes showed increased levels of the immune system marker IgA in their saliva up to six hours later.

Here are 9 Tips in honor of Valentine’s Day from my heart to yours!

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South is the Energy of the Happy Heart!

1.Buy a Red heart and place it in the South corner of your Home and Office!

2. Put one in the South corner of your bedroom! Write yourself a beautiful and heartfelt note and thank your perfectly- pumping, ever working Heart for doing such an incredible job for your body every day and every night before you go to sleep!

3. Make sure there is nothing in that South corner of your house that would be anything but supportive and enhancing for your beautiful Heart. Clean it up, get rid of any congestion or clutter and give it some Love!

4. Magnesium is known for being a wonderful mineral for Heart health-it will also help you sleep better!

5. Co-Enzyme Q-1o is a great heart supplement. It was recommended to me by a brilliant doctor friend over 20 years ago as a way to maintain my Health. It is often prescribed by many doctors after a heart attack-but I have been taking it for almost 20 years now and it has helped not only my heart health, my gums but also by strengthening the mitochondria (outer lining) of all the cells in my body! In other words-it keeps the important line of defense-strong-so that no free radicals can break through my healthy cells! It also gives you great energy and keeps you young!

6. Sit and relax and re-call a beautiful memory filled with happiness and love. Feel that energy pour, like liquid, down through your body and coat your cells with loving care.

7. Listen to beautiful music and be aware of how Good your body feels and happy!

8. Forgive…let-it-go. Don’t let anger or resentment put stress on your beautiful Heart. Replace those feelings with compassion and love. It is normal and healthy to grieve. Just be careful not to articulate about having a broken heart too much or for too long…Your Heart will thank you for it!

9. Love yourself. This Valentine’s Day-focus on your beloved. But remember, you are the most precious of all your possessions. Every single part of your being. Give yourself the love and admiration your deserve! Know what a wonderful and magical being you are! Pause and give yourself a very special Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day and healthy Day of the Heart! I send you all my love and light and I am filled with love and gratitude for all of you!

Enjoy! Love,

Dee XO