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Good Energy in your Child’s Bedroom can really help their sleep!

Now that our kids are back to school it is so important for them to get good sleep. So many children are tired, irritable and feeling stressed out because they are back under the pressure of having to do well in school.

On top of that so many kids have an abundance of extra curricular activities like sports, dance, martial arts and music. All of these are wonderful as long as our kids are able to keep up their energy and not get burnt out. A good nights sleep is crucial for them to recharge their beautiful batteries and be able to focus and excel in all their activities.

Here are some good tips to help your kids get better sleep and maintain their hectic and demanding schedules no matter their age.

Tip #1: Make sure all their technology is at least 4 feet from their heads. Any I phones, I pads, digital clocks, etc…need to be far away from their brains during the night. These all have a certain amount of electricity wave and should not be interfering with their dream time or brain function during the night. All our brains need to rest and rejuvenate but this is very true for children. Sleep is a powerful healer for the body and the mind.

Tip #2: If at all possible do not have your child’s bed directly in front of, or lined up with, the bedroom door. The reason for this is that the energy is too “Yang” , or too strong, coming into that room. It can be disturbing and distracting for good sleep. Their bodies will not totally relax and get the restful sleep they need to be ready for their next busy day. If you have no other option for the bed position-then close the door. If that is too scary -then close it slightly to weaken  that in-coming energy-that will help a lot.

Tip #3: Unplug the television at night before they go to sleep if there is a TV monitor in the room. This will help prevent more interference with their brain waves while they sleep.

Tip#4: Do not have a toilet pointing directly at their bed. If there is an en-suite bathroom-then make sure that door is always closed during the night.

Tip#5: Keep the bedroom organized-but try not to store any metal toys or anything metal under the bed. Sweaters , clothing and soft materials are fine-just not metal as the energy does not move through it as smoothly. It tends to be more “cut up” and that is not ideal under their bodies 8 hours a night.

Tip #6: Make sure the room is dark. A night light is fine as long as it is not to bright and disturbs their REM state of sleep. Make sure there are no outside street, or building lights glowing into the windows or bright lights from electronics that could diminish their sleep. Close the curtains and make it cozy.

Tip#7: No violent games or movies before bed and shut off the cell phones and texting. Create a time to wind down-take a bath or shower-and clear their energy to get ready for a peaceful night sleep. Studies have proven now that this practice of texting or emailing on cell phones in bed is not healthy and not conducive to a good nights sleep. We want to prepare our body to let down-and overly stimulating films or TV shows is not the way to go.

Tip #8: Lastly have a good night ritual. Something you always say before you kiss them goodnight and walk out the door. We always had one in our house and it was very helpful to create a sense that it was time to go to sleep. We said it together and that is how we always ended every day. you can create your own wonderful energy bedtime ritual.  Ours went like this:

“Goodnight, sleep tight, I love you, see you in the morning, pleasant dreams, sweet dreams…”

Here’s hoping some of these Sleep Energy  tips help your family as they helped mine:)

Love and light,

Dee XO