Spring Cleaning **I am re-posting this article in honor of my upcoming #Pottery Barn workshop on Saturday, July 16, 2016 in Tices Corner, N.J! Thank you for inviting me to teach #wellnessdecor! So looking forward!

Spring Cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when relating to your efforts with Traditional Feng Shui. Why not begin to relate to your home and apartment like the “little universe” that it really is? Why not try and understand that you have chosen this location and this particular home and within this home lies all the information you need to gain insight into how you are and the opportunity to make it great!

The key to understanding the power of Feng Shui as it relates to Spring Cleaning in our homes we must take the time to evaluate how our homes really look and feel. Our homes do not have to compete, or compare, to any other.  Our homes just have to feel good and receive the love and attention they deserve to be able to continue taking good care of us!

In Traditional Feng Shui one of the most important fundamentals to understand is that the 8 Directions- inside and outside our homes-hold tons of secrets about how we truly are! These locations tell us a great deal of how we feel and function by the way they feel and function. Of course, I have studied intensively for many years and I am an expert in pinpointing energy problems and creating Feng Shui energy solutions. However, if you are going to refresh and reboot your environment with a good Spring Cleaning anyway-I want you to try a new perception of your Home-while you are doing it! It will help you create not only a refreshed home-but also-a refreshed you!

Here are 8 Feng Shui Energy Tips to improve your overall energy and health by supporting those wonderful 8 magical locations inside and outside your home.

Just stand in the middle of your home or apartment and point your I-Phone to find out where these locations are in your floor plan.

DIRECTIONS and/or LOCATIONS and some basic reasons why they are important to take care of:)

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The 8 Directions inside and outside our home become our 8 opportunities for Wellness!

  1. North: make sure you take good care of this corner of home and yard-because it has everything to do with your emotions, blood system, thyroid, and female and male reproduction. If you have a bathroom in this corner-keep it super dry and clean. Keep it smelling very fresh and if it is a living room bring in a water element to team up with this sensitive area. Sea shells are great in here.
  2. Northeast: if you want to lose weight-clean this area out and lighten it up. If you run or hike -make sure this is organized and nothing broken-as it relates directly to your knees. Especially in 2016-make sure this area is not totally congested and cluttered! Especially a garage or storage shed.
  3. East: Take good care of your ankles and feet as they relate to the East location of your home and yard. No sick or dying trees. East also has a relationship to our gall bladder. Clean out those closets!
  4. Southeast: Marriage and relationships for sure-but also liver, lower back and breasts. Cracks in a driveway, steps, or even tons of stuff shoved into an apartment corner-can negatively impact these energies. Even too many magazines or laundry piled up can slow down and impair this tender energy location. Recycle!
  5. South: Our Happiness quotient, our hearts, eyes and blood pressure. South is female-if you need more support and your partner is male and very strong-put a picture of yourself here…and any heart would be great! Keep any bathroom very dry and very clean!
  6. Southwest: Achy muscles, skin and our patience reside in this corner of your home and yard. If you are feeling stressed out as a Mom:) clean this area with tender loving care. Put some lovely red or yellow flowers here-give yourself the attention and love you so deserve!!!
  7. West: teeth problems? bleeding gums and asthma? Clean the West location and know that you are actually helping your mouth and your breathing systems. Not too much blue in this corner and you are also helping your voice and the way you speak!
  8. Northwest: Keep your Brain in tip top shape and your decision making crisp and strong! Clean out this corner and love how miraculous your Brain and Mind work! Be aware and say a small prayer of gratitude that your Brain is working so well! This will also help you be more productive at work as Northwest is always helping us with our careers!
  • Also: Use natural cleaning products when possible. White vinegar is incredible for cleaning and so is Baking Soda.
  • Be aware of how your home smells. Smells can impact your wellness also. Make sure the smells are not too strong, too absent of smell, just take a moment to realize that the smells do affect your mood.
  • Balance the Light/Yang and Dark/Yin energy of your home. it needs to have a nice balance.
  • Keep your bedroom sacred. Clean it up and realize that your beautiful body is in that environment 7-8 hours per day. Give it some love and clean out everything you do not need anymore!
  • Finally, Spring Cleaning is good for your Mind too! Release any obsessive thoughts that do not serve your Higher Good! “Let It Go” like the Disney song!

Lots to do and lots to Love! Just be more aware that your Home loves you and by taking good care of it-you are actually taking very good care of yourself!

Happy almost Spring!

Love and light,

Dee XO