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We can support and strengthen our Memory with Traditional Feng Shui!

Understanding our connection to our environment is really what traditional Feng Shui is all about. I have always said, ” Where You Are, Determines How You Are” and my experience as a Feng Shui Consultant has reinforced this perspective time after time.

When looking to improve your Memory and strengthen your Focus and brain power -you want to look at the Northwest corner of your home. Whether an apartment or a single family dwelling the Northwest has a tremendous impact on our thinking and our ability to remember things.

Age, very often, is not the only issue. Many of my young clients would like to be able to focus more and improve their memory skills. Here are some great tips to achieve a stronger Memory:

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Northwest energy is important for better Memory!

1) Make sure the Northwest corner of your home and property is given a good dose of TLC. If your garbage is located in this corner, relative to your house, make sure it is properly covered. What we do not see has less of an impact than what do see-so if you cannot remove it-make sure it is enclosed and looking great. White enclosure is best if you can. Also, keep it very Clean!

2) Reduce the use of Fire (Reds, purples, pinks) in the Northwest. Use White or Gray if possible as these colors have a strong Metal vibration and will support Brain function relative to the Northwest energy. If your daughters’ bedroom is Pink-and happens to be in the Northwest corner of your house-you may want to revisit her room color. Even Green would be a better energy for that corner than pink.

3) Do not keep saying “I cannot remember anything anymore!” Remember your Brain and your thoughts are very powerful! Start telling yourself ” I am so grateful I have such an excellent Memory!”

4) If your have a Bathroom in the Northwest-again-spotless and dry! Use Sea Salt in a Metal bowl to keep the energy dry and clear. This is especially true if you live in an apartment and you have no window in the bathroom.

5) Diet! Eat right! Fish is particularly good for improving Memory. Just make sure it is clean fish and be aware of the Mercury levels.

6) Sleep! Good sleep is crucial to great Memory Function! Make sure you are not on your I Phone or I Pad right before bed! Studies have proven now that this behavior has a negative impact on your brain and its ability to renew during sleep. Rest!

7) Finally, Forgive yourself everything. You do not have to be perfect and anything you feel you have done in the past-is exactly that… In The Past. This way, your beautiful Brain does not have to block anything out. That will help your memory improve! if you are feeling anxiety at night…Pause…Re-boot…and say “ I Approve of Myself!” 200 x instead of counting Sheep! Your Brain will believe you and eventually so will you!

I hope you enjoy these Tips to improve your Memory! There is just one last thing to remember:

How absolutely beautiful and loved you are!

Blessings everywhere!


Dee XO