So many people have asked me about steps to Positive Thinking-I wanted to re-publish this post!
Much love and light,
Dee XO

Wellness Decor is all about how to improve our physical and emotional wellness via our home environments.

We also want to keep in mind that our environmental house is an extension of our physical selves and our own bodies are the “house” of our inner emotional selves.

Healthy Mind Body & Spirit

Keeping the mind body connection healthy and strong is so important!

 We can describe this concept as “Inner You” and “Outer You”. Whatever is going on within our inner self is always impacting our outer life whether we realize it or not.

The Inner You is so important because it is where we house our virtual energy Battery which is our Energetic reservoir. This battery and its charge, keeps us happy, healthy, successful and feeling alive! The best way to maintain our Energy Battery, and therefore, our Health and Happiness, is through our commitment to thinking positively. Now, it actually sounds easier than it is. Positive Thinking, I call it “PT”,  is a real discipline. It is like Yoga-but for your Mind. It is a practice that must be monitored and reinforced on a moment-to-moment basis.

Every Breath we take is a new beginning. You can train yourself to create your own “fresh start” every day by thinking more positively and with practice – before you know it- you will be attracting and manifesting the beautiful Life you so truly deserve!

 TIP #1:

Our thoughts create our FeelingsPay very close attention to what you think about. Every thought has energy and we all get into bad habits when it comes to indulging ourselves in negative thinking. 




Take a deep, beautiful, long breath and “re-boot” your body energy. Negative thoughts deplete your Battery charge and our energy is precious.

 TIP #2:

Positive thinking equals Positive results!

Positive thinking equals Positive results!

Don’t be critical of yourself and others.

So much of our energy is depleted when we waste time on judgment and criticism. Remember do not even  judge yourself. If you notice that you are very judgmental of others just take note and quietly “re-boot”. If you want to be healthy and happy you have to keep your battery energy fully charged! One of the best ways to create “wellness” in every area of your life is to maintain a high “energy vibration”. It is impossible to achieve great health and great happiness if you are constantly negative toward yourself and others. Your body vibration wave will always be too low!

 TIP #3:

Focus on Yourself!

Focus on Yourself!

Focus On Yourself!

The first time my wise teacher told me this I was shocked! I grew up thinking that to focus on myself was selfish. But she did not mean it in the way you might think. She meant turn your focus “to” your own issues and improve yourself! Do not be superior in your attitude and constantly focusing on what everyone else is doing wrong! Stop Policing! It’s not only isolating you but it is exhausting you at the same time. Liberate yourself and know everybody will figure it out!

 TIP #4:

Keep track of your emotions during an entire day.

Keep track of your emotions during an entire day.

Keep a Journal and record your feelings throughout the day.

Notice if certain things set you off or “trigger” a strong negative emotional response. It is very important to recognize what upsets you. Think back to when you might have had this feeling as a small child. Does this scenario repeat itself in your life? If so, try to identify those emotions and make note of them in your PT (positive thinking) journal. Remember to be gentle with yourself and understand your body has been used to these feelings for a long time. It is okay, but once you identify your triggers you can begin to understand these are just feelings that come directly from our thinking. Change the thought and the feeling will also change!

TIP #5:

Happiness is attainable when we transform our thinking!

Happiness is attainable when we transform our thinking!

Be Present.

Practice staying in the moment you are in. Do not worry about the future or spend time in regret about  the past. This very moment is all that truly exists. You can change your life in the next 60 seconds. Just keep working on it. Don’t give up!


TIP# 6:

 Forgive yourself quickly and love yourself a lot!Forgive Yourself!

Everything we want to learn is new and challenging in the beginning.

Loving yourself and others and maintaining a higher body vibration wave  takes a good deal of practice. However, the rewards far outweigh the hard work!

If you fall back just forgive yourself as fast as you can. Know that a positive vibration wave is much stronger and faster than a negative one. Just pause and refresh. Just like your computer you simply need to reboot.

Positive thinking is a mental and also a very physical discipline. The wonderful saying, “Don’t worry, Be happy” is so true. However, it only comes with lots of practice.

Life is as beautiful as we want to make it!

Life is as beautiful as we want to make it!

Good luck! and please write me and let me know how you are doing!

Love and light,

Dee XO