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It’s not easy to be the only Positive Person in the Room!

Being a positive person is a mental discipline. Especially when you are surrounded by negative personalities.

It is not their fault that many people think so negatively. Gloom and doom is what they grew up with and it is what they know. Being critical and judgmental of everyone is their addiction, or their habit. They really do not understand that this type of thinking and behavior can actually make them sick. They are probably not even aware of how bad it has become and have no power of Observation regarding their own behavior. This personality issue is also coming from Fear. So it is very important to have Compassion when dealing with people who behave this way.

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New Moons are great for starting anew!


The recent beautiful and potent New Moon in Scorpio will be helping us all to re-evaluate our relationships. As we re-evaluate these relationships–we will also feel like releasing some of them. It is the perfect time to do that. So make a loving list of the people that you may need to step back from now and focus on your positive and gorgeous self!

Here are some tips to help you attract more Positive and uplifting energy into your life!

  1. Forgive.  Forgiveness releases us from the strong emotional thread that can bind us to negative relationships. If you harbor resentment and anger towards anyone you are hugely connected to them.Write…Dear ____ I forgive you for….and put it all down on paper. Then burn it or tear it up with intention. Let it all go.
  2. .When you are surrounded by negativity –understand there is a formula and it goes like this: If there are 3 positive people and 1 negative person–the 3 Positive people can overcome the 1 negative one. However, like the picture at the top–if you are 1 Positive person and you are surrounded by 3, or more, negative people– they will definitely bring down your positive vibration signal.   You must conserve your energy and do not waste it because they are, in fact, a bit too strong for just you. Love them and do not engage. You are outnumbered. If these are friends then perhaps it is time to change them. If they are co-workers -Focus on yourself and protect your own Energy. Do not judge them or get involved. If this is your partner-make an executive decision regarding yourself. Discuss it and conserve. You can still love them will all your heart-but focus on yourself and maintain your own happiness.
  3. Focus on raising your own vibration wave by addressing your own emotions and daily thoughts. Remember you are an Energy Beacon! Your signal goes out and attracts and Magnetizes what you experience. Be aware. Think about what your net, once cast, is bringing in. Take responsibility for what you have attracted and change it if you are not satisfied. Be courageous in your choices and always be Kind.
  4. Focus on your goals and all the wonderful things you would like to experience before you die. Make your Bucket list! and start checking things off! We really are here on this exquisite planet for such a short period of time. Your list is your homage to yourself and your amazing life and life experience. Make it the best that it can be.
  5. Help others. Volunteer. Teach what you know. Be of Service. Humility is such a powerful and beautiful energy. It is a pathway to Happiness.

I hope these tips help you to revisit your Energy and appreciate how important it is to stay healthy by being more self-aware and positive. It is a spiritual practice for sure!

Sending you all love!and as always thank you for your comments and sharing!

Love and light,

Dee XO

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