Love Heart KeyThe planet Venus has finally gone Direct after helping us take a long hard look at our love lives for the past 6 weeks. She is slowly moving forward and we will begin to feel less stress in this area as she moves away and off our love stress points for a while!

It is so interesting how Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui connect on so many levels. This is most likely due to a similar “source point” for all this celestial and energetic information.

This Venus Retrograde, combined with some very powerful Full Moons, has had many feeling intense emotions around love, self worth, money and our self image.  I have had a number of emails and seen many people where this level of intensity in those areas of their lives has been very hard. I wanted to give you a few thoughts on all that you may have re-hashed and re-viewed over the last 6 weeks and a new reference point as to what exactly to do with all those emotions that may have come to the surface for you:)

  1. Focus On Yourself- because Venus has put such an emphasis on relationships of late you may be focusing on your partner. That is great-but remember you picked them. They were exactly what you needed at that specific time. Your energy attracted them into your life and they fulfilled a certain need you had relative to your own frequency and energy vibration wave. Bless that and take responsibility for your own signal at that time and don’t judge it. It is all just an experience here. Focus on yourself and raise your own vibration. Improve your signal and you will attract people with a similar vibration:)
  2. Release Resentment and Replace it with Gratitude for all the lessons you have learned. Take back your Power and know that you control only your own thoughts and emotions. Do whatever you need to make yourself Happy! It is your job and your job alone. That is your homework everyday. Make sure you do your homework well and hand it in to yourself completed! You get a Gold Star! You are worth it! This is crucial because these negative energies can truly harm your health when allowed to fester and maintain a hold on your body for long periods of time. Like the song says “Let It Go”!
  3. Don’t Keep talking about how miserable you are- it is super important to Focus On your happiness and not keep reinforcing your unhappiness. We are not condoning anyone’s behavior but we all must stop blaming and begin to focus on our own happiness and needs. You are so important. You have so much to experience and contribute. Do not lose one more minute of your precious life focusing on what does not work. You know this now. Venus retrograde has helped illuminate where you need to focus your attention and make your life better. Just Start:)

Today is an Auspicious Day when you take all the focus off of what everyone else is not doing for you and focus on what you want to do for Yourself! This is like starting a new diet or fitness regime. It is just about learning to focus on your own needs and good health as opposed to only focusing on everybody else.:) Remember to Love yourself.

Please keep sending me your emails and let me know how you are doing:) I love hearing about it all! Good luck and remember to have fun!

Sending you so much love and light,

Dee XO