In honoring Moms and in celebration of Mother’s Day -May 2015- I am re-posting these fabulous tips for all our Moms!

shutterstock_188292326 mom and girl asianMotherhood is, without a doubt, the hardest and most rewarding job in the world.

Every minute of every day is spent creating and anticipating our children’s needs and wants and crafting the person we hope they will become.

I remember a dear male friend of mine, who stated unequivocally, that he would rather have four jobs outside the home than be a full time Mother and raise a family. It was just too hard. Whether you are a stay-at-home Mom, a Mom who works inside and outside the home, or a Dad, one of the most important skills we must develop is…Patience.

TIP #1: Find the Southwest Corner of your home or apt. The Southwest is the place that relates to our Patience energy.

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Southwest is the “Mom” location and the perfect place to support us as Mothers.


Southwest always relates to our kindness, our caring and our ability to be Patient.It is actually called the “Mother” location because it is a fertile, soft Earth element. This type of Earth is moist and perfect for any plant to thrive and grow. That is why it is associated with the beautiful and giving energy of a “Mom”.

TIP #2: The color Red has a Fire type of Energy .

Think of Color as kind of Energy “food” that will help feed and nourish the Southwest location of your home and therefore help your potential for being more patient. A calmer and more patient Mom is a Happier Mom.


Take a fresh look at everything in the SW corner of your home and yard. I remember one client who had a large painting of a stern looking queen in the SW corner of her home. She could not understand why she was exhausted and feeling isolated  and that she had to do everything herself. Once we removed the solitary, dominating figure from her SW corner and replaced it with a beautiful landscape, she felt much happier and relaxed.

The Southwest is such a powerful and beautiful location in our homes and the energy of our lives. The happier the energy is in the Southwest the better and more supported we feel as Moms!