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Busy is Great but We Need to Maintain Our Balance!

I am very blessed that I am so busy doing what I love. I have a thriving business and I also enjoy the daily challenges that face every entrepreneur as I passionately pursue  developing my Blog and my Brand.  However, the past 6 weeks I have had to go back into my own notes and remind myself that I need to create more of a Work-Life Balance for myself!

I have had to make tough decisions around my time management, prioritize in terms of my energy and make sure that I stay totally Present for the all major milestones in my own life this Monkey year! We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, our daughter graduated from college and is going on to her Masters Degree in Geology, and our son will be coming home in July from Munich Business School in Germany-before he heads to Shanghai, China for more of his Master’s Degree in International Business studies. My husband and I are relishing every moment; for what will most likely be, our beautiful children’s very last summer at home with us before they happily move to Europe and the Pacific Northwest of the United States to pursue their careers and dreams!

Sometimes, we all need time to contemplate and re-calibrate, especially during a Mercury Retrograde, like the very tumultuous one we just completed. (4/28/16-5/23/16). And sometimes we simply need to Pause…be still…and even stop…so we do not go into the Burn-Out Zone we all know so well.

Here are some Work-Life Balance Tips that help me manage my work-life load and help me to stay Present and enjoy the personal and precious moments that will become our most cherished memories.

  1. My mantra that I remind myself of each day is: ” I have more than enough time to meet all my deadlines.” This one is super important and powerful because it not just about managing your time–it is about physically and mentally shifting your energy so you feel less stressed and more positive and pro-active around your perception of your deadlines. If you believe you have more than enough time …You DO have more than enough time to complete all your tasks and meet all your deadlines. You come back to everything with much more creativity and joy around the tasks at hand.
  2. Breathe and really listen to your Breath and tune in to the feeling of your Breath and how it is feeding your body and your mind.
    So often, we do not even realize that without our breath we would simply die. So take time to appreciate and focus on your Breath. Slow it all down to this one life-giving act of taking in air– and holding it for 8 seconds then slowly letting it out for another 8 seconds–and before you know it you are calmer and recharged with energy. Every 7 years our entire body rejuvenates and restores itself. We have to do our part-by taking care of our vessel-but our bodies are miraculous machines. Mindful Breathing is a potent tool in keeping our bodies healthy, oxygenated and strong!
  3. SMILE! The Aboriginal people of Australia have always believed that a Smile was one of the most powerful things in the world. The Energy of our decision to physically SMILE -regardless of what is happening around us–changes our body energy and raises our body vibration! Thus, we become instantly more creative and relaxed and happier because we are being conscious. The old saying , “Don’t Worry, be Happy” is very similar to this magical and simple energy exercise.

Thank you all so much for your lovely emails asking where I have been and looking forward to our next opportunity to share! Writing a Blog is a responsibility for sure and for me, must come directly from a genuine source of creativity and joy! I am working on some wonderful things for Wellness Decor TM and I look forward to sharing those in the near future!

Have fun working your own energetic volume and I will do the same! Write and let me know how you decompress and manage your Work-Life balance! Thank you for reading about how I have been managing mine! Remember to Enjoy the Ride!

With so much love and light,

Dee XO